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Monday, 1 June 2009

Son new home card - the rest

Finally I have finished the marathon new home card! Here are the rest of the pictures, and a redone panorama of the one show below as I added to the last panel.
Lets hope he likes it.


  1. i love it cazzy a real keepsake :) i love the birdhouses are they a stamp! xx

  2. Oh wow Carol what a work of art hunny, you reallyhave put so much work into this card (if you can call it that). I love it. Hope you are having a good evening, hugs Linda x

  3. Thanks ladies, yes most of the bird houses are stamped, the only one that isn't is the green one on the blue checked panel which is a wooden one from Baker Ross as are the metal tulips.

    Most things are stamped.

    Cazzy xx

  4. This is totally brilliant.... he'll just sooooooooo love it. :-)

    Fe made me a similar card a number of years ago which has the children on and it's still got pride of place on the bookshelf as I love it so much. I'm sure your son will treasure it just as much.

    Love Dee X :-) QC's


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