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Friday, 19 June 2009

New stash - Tim Holtz stamp storage

Today this arrived: Bought it off UK Scrappers market place, and it has a few dents but they don't matter (won't show if I give the altered treatment either). The ink didn't come with it - this is my stash! There may be more pads lurking and I can't get all my square ink pads in so I think I may have to buy the one for those too.
Now all the ink pads in the drawer are the little cubes and the little Mememto dew drops and the Kaleidoscope pads that are too long for this case.

Now I did sell my green Cropadile, but it freed up a little space and my new tin takes up a wee bit more. So I am not sure where my new toy is going yet but at least I can now see what I have got though I need more labels on the pads!

I also spent the same dosh on it so it was more like a swap, well not really just two UKS members, bought from one sold to the other!

I keep buying Nestabilities, Oyster Stamps are doing them 4 for £50 free postage, and every time I go back the one or two I really really wanted but were out of stock are now in stock, and I then have to get the other three to get the deal! The first ones have already arrived, quick service I must say. I also bought some stamps in a sale, and have my eye on some in the Market Place!


  1. i just love different storage ideas, good luck with fitting it in honey :) x

  2. Great storage!!!! Wow, so organised.

    Thanks for my blog comment and re the moulds on my blog, I couldn't buy them - my cousin bought them for me and posted them to me - mind you, it did take a year for her to do it!



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