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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Trying to sort out blog candy winners

You would never believe how complex this has become. I have a grid with the 14 people who left comments down one side. Then going across are 9 columns for the 9 prizes, and where the commenter told me what they would like best (as all were requested to do) I have entered the name of the perferred prize.

Then there is a column to say if the person was a follower at the time I posted.

Now there are some prizes that a few people want, and some that none said they wanted, then some where only one person said they wanted it, but then there are a few people who didn't say what they wanted and one comment doesn't even look like a response to the blog candy post!

So now what I think I have to do is where more than one person wants something I will need to do a draw. If they are all followers they all go in, if not only the followers go in as I said they get preference. Does that sound right so far?

So where there is only one person saying that they want a prize, do I just give it to them I wonder? Or do I do a draw of the people who weren't followers next for something not requested with the people who didn't say what they wanted?

Well go figure, 13 people and 9 prizes, not everyone can win this, unless I add a few bits.

So I will try and draw some names and if you end up with something you really don't like you must let me know. If you have a better idea for drawing names with this messy arrangement also let me know - quick please!

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  1. oh my goodie-ness! You could put your followers in a hat...(ummm...well, not them...just their names)...and the prizes in another and then draw out the names and then the prize they've one....I've just taken it off, I thought it was over!



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