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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Son new home card

I thought I better post these photos up in case you come over from Quirky Crafts forum to see them! I haven't actually finished this card completely and it has been on the go for days now!
I had the card blank free with a magazine a couple of years ago and thought of it for this card, which also coincided with the Quirky Crafts card challenge 2 "One for the Boys".
The card blank was very flimsy, more like paper than card, so I cut out a panel of paper to go each side of the card using Vanessa Arbuthnott designed paper by The English Paper Company, seemed perfect for this.
I then decorated each panel or pair of panels. I will add the photos of the other side once I complete them and any updated photos of the front if I add anything extra.
The birds and branches are Hero Arts stamps. I will post up the other stamp makes if you would like to know any of them.

My son got his house keys on Friday and I had planned to give this card to him them, but he isn't moving in until he has it all done up so I am not too worried that he doesn't have it yet! It will be worth waiting for.

I can't get the photos to stay in the right order, have loaded them twice!

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  1. Lov those little 'wooden' houses, brill card/book!



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