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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Christmas card kits

After Christmas last year I bought a pile of card kits from Tesco, which were reduced from nearly £3 to 50p I think.

They were supposed to be make your own charity cards, but only 20p goes to charity - I hope it still did despite the reduction!

This is what you got in the plainer of the two kits I bought: 6 small square card blanks, six white envelopes, six small squares of vellum and six of gold card, six bows, a length of blue ribbon, numerous sequins and beads, a length of narrow ivory ribbon (not mentioned in the instructions, neither are the seed beads mentioned), a template for cutting three shapes and an instruction sheet. No glue or sticky stuff, and it definately requires some knowledge of card making to know how to "fix to the centre of your card" and "fix to the centre of your white card".

I decided to get the die cutter out and found some dies to make similar shapes to the template, in fact I can get two from one square with the tree if not the stocking, as I end up with a shaped frame, see photo of the first 4 cards I made.

I then decided as I have 5 boxes of the kit featured below that I could make a box of the same shape, and this would be quicker so I set to work making baubles first, pictured below!

I want to use the kits to get them out of the way, then I have other kits to use that I bought or won last year, and a copy of the Christmas Lets Make Cards to use, before I get onto proper stamped cards! I will probably have to make "proper" cards in January ready for next year - I jokingly said I would last January but here I am with 24 days to the day, and less than that to get them all done and out to family and friends. Last year I was still making and delivering on Christmas Eve!

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