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Saturday, 29 December 2007

Christmas Tree

Here is my little Christmas Tree. You can't tell because it was light but it has fibre optics and the built in little stars and star on the top light up and change colour. I really like it but my youngest son in residence would prefer a bigger tree, so we have ordered a half price navy blue tree with nearly 400 little lights that is 6'6" high from John Lewis!

I am already mourning the loss of the little tree (I bought the red cloth this year specially in the sales to go on the table under it), I would have liked to keep both and put one in the dining room but Bah Humbug Hubby won't hear of it! He has given it to my eldest son who now lives in a split level"house" with his girlfriend, but they have so much stuff to take back they can't fit it in when they leave tomorrow.

I suppose it will still be in the family (and he doesn't get the teddy angels), sigh!

Moving on here are the latest stamps from Ebay, these Hero Arts stamps were a bargain from the USA! Just right for Valentine's cards and spring cards!

I have more on the way, I seem to have a stamp obsession at the moment, which is a bit sad as I haven't used most of the ones I already have!

I have also listed a few things on Ebay, well I need to pay for the stamps! Looking round to see what else to part with now!

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