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Sunday, 9 December 2007

Card kits continued

This is the next card kit which is more upmarket than the Tesco ones! You get one completed card which is the second from the right here, and you get 4 more card blanks, and enough gold card, material, frames, gems and thread to make the 4 remaining frames, and 4 greetings. You also get gold thread and beads for the trim but not enough thread to do it how they did it on the sample card.
This kit was missing two angel charms sadly, so I managed to find a different angel and a brass horn to take the place of the missing charms! You can't look a gift horse in the mouth!

I feel like using kits is cheating but then I don't have time to worry!

Two more kits I haven't started yet have a sample card that looks like this:

The angel card kit on the right does have all of the angels to make the other four cards, the one with the squares and gems has everything missing except the gems, but I can manage the squares!

As these were given to me in a big box of stuff to say thanks for being a moderator (but we don't need you now) on the Crafts Beautiful site, I am more than happy with all that I got!

Oh and I just found another 6 card blanks in the Tesco plain variety that I missed so I have a few more of them to make and don't have as much left over as I thought! Seemed a bit strange at the time.

My husband has given me a card order for two Christmas cards he is to give to a friend's daughters, I have been told one is into pink, princesses and Barbie but not dolls, and one is into High School Rap and mauve or purple. I don't do Disney type stuff, but I can do pink, and I have no idea what High School Rap might be ( must be my age)! Anyway these are Christmas cards, not birthday cards, and I have enough to do without going out of my way to make special orders!

Grumble over I will see what I can do, but it will probably just be Christmas cards one in pink and one purple themed!

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  1. Nice cards, Cazzy.

    I'll look forward to meeting you at the show in Exeter.



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