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Saturday, 15 December 2007


It is so cold! I have cleaned out the bird feeders and refilled them, the rain made them jam up and I don't think the seed mix I bought is very good for wet weather as it has ground peanuts in it so is like a powder that quickly turns to paste! I often have to unjam it. The whole peanuts went all rotten too, so I had to scrape them out take the thing to bits and scrub it.

I hope it doesn't rain again soon after all that!

I have made a few more kit cards and I may post a photo of them but they are much the same as the blue one with an angel already posted (mine are better I think) but I haven't done the thread and beads down the sides yet.

I got my work list up to date ready - I print of card labels as I hate writing them out. I need to get my friends and family list up to date now.

I also need to make the two cards my husband commissioned, I have some backing paper for the pink one and my Simply Cards and Papercraft magazine came today with some free papers some of which are purple - perfect!

I also had a surprise Christmas present, it was from www.lovethoseshoes.com where I spend a lot of money on footwear. It arrived in a padded envelope and inside was something wrapped in Christmas paper. I wasn't expecting anything and not thinking that they would send a present so it must be an advertising gimmick and would contain a catalogue, I opened it! It is a book called Inspiring Women, how real women succeed in business! I wish I had kept it to go under the tree now (not that we have the decorations up yet due to my husband being a Bah Humbug sort of chap)!

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  1. I don't know that site Cazzy - will have to check it out. Where in Wiltshire are you - I'm in Hampshire - not that far away.


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