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Friday, 21 December 2007

Desperately making quick Christmas Cards

I found these lovely Papermania toppers in my Christmas stash, I think they were in either a goodie bag or a package of goodies I was sent.

I think I have overdone the glitter glue blobs on the second card, and somewhat ruined it and the other two!

I have more toppers and a Papermania embellishment kit that has cute little glitter trees to make up into tags which should be quick to do. I also have some Tesco kit cards left, and one more kit with most bits missing to complete.

I need enough cards for all the people at my parent's party tomorrow, and then the party we are going to Sunday, I then have the neighbours (9 houses) to do and any remaining people on the list. I print my list onto labels for the envelopes to save writing, and I just have to use all the labels and hope I didn't miss anyone!
I have written some bought cards too to help out as I needed at least 30 more and have only made about 10 so far.

I also need a present wrapped for my youngest neice, her older sister and brother will probably just get money but the little one likes card making and anything making, and I gave her the tote for her birthday.
So as I was in Bath after my office do I popped into Lakeland and bought some things but I know I picked up a pack of peel off stickers that was in the sale and a pack of other stickers in bright colours that I didn't have and hadn't paid for when I got home so I think the cashier missed it. I can't go back just for those, and I am not paying £5 delivery to get them here for Christmas even if they are on the website so I need to go out and get some locally but it won't be so many for the price!

I also have an ironing mountain I am about to tackle, there are so many things to do I keep starting on something else and not finishing anything! Panic time!
I am supposed to be printing off some photos also for presents, and I need to buy a frame!

Roll on the New Year, and I am getting a cold just in time for the parties!

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