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Monday, 3 December 2007

Christmas card progress

I have made up all the plain kits so have about 30 cards made now, which is 30 more than I had last week! A couple of the patterned kits to go then I can start on the other kits I have round the place!

I went out for a walk but on the path lunchtime, it is getting a bit too muddy to do the walk on the grass! I saw two plump squirrels eating on the grass and got really close before one spotted me and ran up a tree, jumping across to a second tree! The other one didn't spot me at all and I stood watching it sitting upright eating, but when I moved it suddenly realised I was there and ran up a different tree!

I had to report my fall last week in the accident book today, even though there was nothing that caused it, only me! I still have the bruises though!

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