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Friday, 30 November 2007

"Free" stamp arrived with goodies today!

I had a parcel left in my Parcel Safe, which is better than the bin where it might get thrown out! It was from www.stamps.co.uk
I "won" it after they emailed saying if you spotted a mistake on their website you could win a free double daisy Anita stamp, there was a catch - you had to place an order! Well I spotted a spelling mistake right away, funny that, and emailed and they responded saying they would add the stamp to my basket.

I did place an order, two Do Craft magazine binders for £5.98, three sets of the Papermania foam stamps down to £1 each (I have seen them since for 50p but on a website where there was a minimum order of £15), a pack of brooch pins to make brooches or badges, and some Debbie Moore stamps (seasons - spring and summer) that come in a large CD case with a CD that I haven't looked at yet for £9. So I spent £22 with postage to get my "free" stamp, which wasn't in my basket so I had to include a note to make sure I got it!

I am not sure I will put the Do Craft mags in the binders, I was going to get rid of some mags as I have 4 years worth of several different mags piling up on the floor but I thought they were such cheap binders that I could put any magazines in them so I will have to choose!

I have put some things on Ebay, I have an Ultimate Crafters Companion, and I found some Zipecut dies I have never taken out of the packet so thought I might as well sell them, or try to, and a quilling board. See Cazzy-sale for details.

My seller ID is cazzooblue if you are interested! I don't often get round to selling my stuff although I have a lot I should sell, but it was a 10p listing day so I managed to get a few things on! I buy much more than I sell!

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