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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

WOYWW #294 Tidier

It's that day again, the day of the week we go gaily tripping round everyone's desks and spaces and confessing about our own!
This is the other side of the desk, I have two or more packs of yarn waiting to be hooked, and that purple box underneath - yes more yarn! The boxes on the left contain things I am trying to get rid of, a lot has gone it was much bigger. Under the desk you can see boxes which contain Christmas paper and cards, some bagged and priced from when they were in the shop, some just finished cards, you can see purple and green crates, those are full of more yarn mostly machine knitting cones, as well as a length of material I was going to sew, I might make a skirt yet. Some of the yarn might be going to the charity shop where I bought it, it is horrible to work with.

More yarn, oh dear! The green tub is full, as are the bags including the pink, black and white one, some of it was to make lots of crochet hats which I hoped to sell - not got very far with that apart from hats for Kenny! The box - it's the ecraft which I sold, had to refund and pay carriage back again and it has sat there for at least a year because I don't have the heart to find out what damage the buyer has done to it, because if what she said is true it is in far worse condition than the working condition it left in. Not only do I not have the funds towards the new machine I wanted, I ended up out of pocket by £20 for carriage both ways.

Another corner of the room, by the exercise bike, and this photo made me tidy up here afterwards. I am working on the cardigan again, found I had made an error on the back so unpicked (or frogged it if you prefer) and started over. The white bag is toy stuffing. I have been taking my crochet to do while visiting mother in law, who came out of hospital into a home yesterday. This is short term as far as we know, but the home is not the right place for her as pretty much everyone else there has dementia and so she stays in her room and sees nobody but the staff. Her room seems clean, and quite big, she has a bathroom, there is a window but too high to see out of sitting down and there is no view, and she worries that it is open and anyone can walk in if they want. We took a TV over today, so I have no TV by me to watch but I thought her need was greater than mine, unfortunately we could get no signal but the maintenance guy is going to run a new cable down from the attic tomorrow morning for her. She hates it there so much and her obvious distress is distressing us both especially Shaun. I think we have to find her somewhere better soon, they didn't even help her dress and she only had half her clothes on.

So here is the desk, and I have tidied it up considerably since last week, there is a way to go. The paper pad is out for a project I want to start but I am so exhausted from making phone calls about MIL's situation, visiting, letting people know the latest etc and the days seem to run together with not a lot getting done. We have been getting back late and I haven't felt like cooking the meal I planned to cook so we have been grabbing something quicker.
I made myself a salad for lunch, it was nice and symmetrical on a round plate. It had tuna and cottage cheese on top. Anyway I put it on the dining room table, then remembered I was going to look for my oldest mobile phone to charge up and take in for MIL to try and use, and I found it and got it charging. Returned to the dining room to find Sooty and Alfie - Sooty was up at the table licking a cherry tomato off of the plate, a section all along one side of my salad was no longer round - there was a space on the plate and it was straight across! A couple of leaves were on the floor - dogs not keen on green leaves of the salad variety! I had to ditch some more of my salad, assuming that the straight edge had been licked all the way along! I ate the rest, on the same plate, I  have only just thought about that plate and the fact it might have had dog saliva on it too - I am too tired to think straight right now!
Oh and today the dishwasher broke down so I have had to do a lot of washing up!

Anyway I might not manage to get round many folks this week, and I probably owe a few from last week, but if you want to find out more and join in just hop on over to The Stamping Ground.


  1. May you be able to find some time to sit and relax a meal without your dogs eating it on you. Congrats on getting your space sorted seems everyone's getting on that this time of the year :) hugs Nikki 9

  2. Sounds like you are in desperate need of a vacation!!! Big hugs! I hope you get a chance to relax and get in some crafting therapy very soon.

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #14

  3. Oh My Cazzy you sure did have one trying day/week - not easy when our folk are getting on, my mum had a similar problem with my dad after a heart attach and couldn't manage him at home. but as Nikki says you best take care of yourself, you don't want to be unwell. You have lots happening and maybe you just need to tackle one project at a time. Take care, cheers RobynO#42

  4. You realy dont need to worry about visiting us...we all understand about priorities and yours are certainly flagging themselves bright and clear right now! I figure that if in a year you can't bring yourself to look at the ecrafter, you might save yourself the despair and just ditch it. Forward and onwards as they say!

  5. Ooo you collect wool too!! Your space is amazing. Thanks for sharing xx

  6. l too have been having a clean and clear out with my craft room Carol........you made me laugh when said about the dogs eating your dinner you will know next time to put it out of their reach there's a lot of wool do you do lots of knitting Carol? xx

  7. Oh Cazzy,

    Firstly don't worry about visiting me, I really understand you are in a tither and everything is just snowballing. You need to sit and relax and have a cup of tea and turn off for a little while. I understand MIL is a priority but you are too, with you burning out like this you will tall apart soon and then everyone will have to que up and take a number to see you. Dont worry about your space just push it to the side and craft if you can, oh the dogs saliva was probably clean and their tongue's are sterile if that helps and hey if you had not sprung them and prepared the plate yourself you might never have known about the saliva and stuff. Gosh girl you really need some happy mail, pitty I am not closer or I would help. I hope your week gets better.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda
    Belated WOYWW greetings

  8. Ah dear dear Cazzy, thanks so much for popping over and letting me know about Darnells challenge things are busy here so not checked so your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated.

    My dear friend how wish could help you in the heavy load you are carrying.
    ... But I shall pray for you instead, that the Lord would send a solution to the predicament with your dear MiL, sorry about your ultra friendly pups, glad you are able to crochet, am doing someme myself at the moment.
    Every blessing of the Lord dear sweet Cazzy,


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