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Thursday, 8 January 2015

WOYWW #292 (on Thursday, whoops)

Sorry peeps, I know it is Thursday therefore some of you will ignore me completely. 

Update on Mother in Law: she is still in hospital but is going to be discharged to another place (not sure what or where), medically she is fine, mentally she is very confused and is existing in a parallel universe - yesterday she thought she spent a night in a castle and had been to the beach! Will she come back to the present - who knows!

Update on cooker: you might remember my cooker blew up on Christmas day - well it was finally fixed this morning. It has a new motherboard, new programmer, and new control cable or something like that! YAY, can cook.

I was doing a lot of hospital visiting and updating relatives until Saturday when I went down with another nasty virus. It seemed like a really bad head cold with temperature reaching 37.6 by Tuesday, oh boy I felt rough and Tuesday I didn't get up from my bed except to see to the dogs and find something to eat/take co-codamol. I started to feel a bit better yesterday, well a lot better, but should my chest be crackling when I breathe?
My desk doesn't look a lot different except for newly acquired NBUS from the Jan sales. I have some new dies, and some Xyron refills which are long overdue. My Prismacolor pencils are out and I really love them but hate them too. The reason I hate them is that when they were collected from the PO they were accidentally dropped which I didn't find out until much later, now every time I try and sharpen one I can start with a new unsharpened pencil (and there are lots I haven't yet attempted) and end up with a little stump because they are so broken and only a few seem to have anything intact. This spoils my day, as I think of the wasted expense, and the wasted time sharpening them and throwing away what should be good pencils. Instead of ranting maybe I should try and buy some replacements for my own sanity! Under the dies is the image I coloured and it is not finished because I can't find the Sansador, anyone surprised?
I had a lot of plans in my head to fix that die cutting machine, tidy up and store stash, (more decluttering too to balance the recluttering activities) and maybe even re-arrange the desk round the other way again but they were all scuppered. This morning all I could do was sleep, I have come to life this afternoon enough to take photos and post this lot!

Kenny will only wear his crocheted monster hat and nothing else, he doesn't like earflaps but the first one I made got a little small, it was preschool size. I made a Daddy size one for Daddy to wear - but Daddy put it on Kenny and for him it was a little big. So this is the middle size one. At nearly 3 the preschool one doesn't cover his ears, the daddy size one was falling in his eyes so I hope this will be just right. The hat is based on a pattern by Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me, with the addition of ribbed rows by me round the bottom, and there seems little difference between these three sizes.

This is the Daddy sized hat. I was asked to make some monster mittens too and I found a pattern on Ravelry and added some matching eyes. I don't know if Kenny has worn them, or if they were a little big. When we went round Longleat he hadn't got his mittens and had to wear socks, and it was so cold!
Kenny in Daddy size hat, it has turned right around and is on backwards! Maybe Grampy needs a matching hat! I don't think the "kids" think that it is appropriate or cool for adults to wear novelty hats but I saw a lot of men wearing them round Longleat that day!

Anyway the point of all of this is to do some cool desk hopping which should happen on Wednesdays and the action is happening at The Stamping Ground.


  1. Your hats are so cool, gosh I would wear one, seriously I would. It is bad when your products don't do what they are supposed to do and broken pencils all the time drive me insane. I would throw then in the bin and start again. As for the scan and cut I am not sure about greyboard as I am not sure what that is if it is a chipboard then I would say no. I am a tad disappointed in the machine to be honest, long story. Thanks for visiting and sharing.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #76

  2. How sad about the pencils. I suppose you can't return them because they were damaged in shipment? That is very sad, since I've never owned any of those pencils.

    Wow, you are great at making hats and mittens. These are adorable. Reminds me of the 3 bears, with one just right!

    Happy belated New Year as well as happy belated WOYWW from # 2.

  3. Oh my, you do have a stressy time at the moment. But your monster hat and mittens are way cool! So funny! Great work. Hope things are getting better with your mother in law. I personally think it does not matter in what time they live, as long as they are ok.
    Thanks for visiting earlier
    Gabriele 29

  4. I know what your talking about when you finally get a stove back it's like HEAVEN !!! real food mmmm
    I found a tip online with Pencil crayons which is fantastic if you nuke them for about roughly 10 seconds the lead will heat up a little and reconnect them together inside then let them cool. Each microwave is different so you might have to adjust the time to more or less but it's better then sharpening it to nothing :)
    Your knitting is just wonderful and have a great week
    hugs Nikki 8

  5. Hi Cazzy thanks for the visit, there will definitely be more fabric testing to follow. I am not surprised you have been poorly, so much going on for you, I'm guessing you needed the rest and your body decided that's it! Love the hat and gloves, gorgeous.Try to take it easy if poss. Angela x 39

  6. That is a fantastic hat and great that his Daddy will wear a matching one. No chest should sound crackly when breathing.... not good and I hope your cooker gets sorted. What a couple of weeks hope all improves.
    sandra de 214

  7. ah dear Cazzy so see what you mean about desks.. :D can so relate though too mine in middle of room is little like that at the moment.

    And love the monster gear ..

    A thought re the pencils try a good sharp kitchen knife as it puts less stress on the leads when sharpener as you cut down the grain not across that is what I do to all my good pencils.

    A great creative space today! Thanks so much for popping over :D
    Thanks so much for sharing ~ happy belated WOYWW!
    Shaz in Oz.x #24

    {Shaz in Oz – my personal blog}

  8. ah Cazzy still think would use the knife .. even if it is your way of sharpness :D

    did some searching on melting the leads:

    so it is true by sounds of it every blessing in doing it hope it works for you, Shaz.x

  9. I love your Blog title! And I will not ignor you! I am just late getting back to everyone. I appreciate your visit to my space. I know that real life sometimes gets in the way of Blog life! I started my Blog almost two years ago and have only been posting on Wednesdays! What's that all about? Thanks for sharing the photo of your guys in their hats you made! Great job! #59

  10. OMGoodness - how super cool is that set !!! AWESOME !

    IKE x


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