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Friday, 2 January 2015

WOYWW #291 and Happy New Year.

I know it is Thursday! It is Jan 1st 2015 so Happy New Year to you all.
I had no internet at all yesterday, no idea why.
My desk is very messy, no crafting has occurred since my last post, I have just received a set of Creative Expressions stamps that I wanted and couldn't find called Steampunk Christmas, oh how I wanted and searched for these! Found them after Christmas of course but I have them for next year now.

I will keep it short, I am so tired. Christmas day my cooker "blew up", well there was a bang and a smell of burning and the electrics stopped working - I had 10 coming to dinner, and we managed as described in my last post. The engineer came yesterday and the motherboard needs replacing - he didn't have the right one and is coming back next week. That is two weeks without the ovens, but I have the gas hob, the combi microwave and the actrifry so it isn't too bad.

Sunday was a nice day, we were given tickets to Longleat by our son for Christmas, the whole family got to go. We arrived there at around 10am to get the safari bus, which should have taken 90 minutes to go round the animals but took 2 and a half hours due to the volume of visitors. Then we got lunch and wandered round for a bit, and it was so very cold we all needed warming up and so we went round the house, then for a cup of tea before heading out to look at the light show. I have some photos, will post them seperately when I am not so tired, and they would make this post very long.

Monday was Mother in Law's 86th birthday, unfortunately she had a bit of a fall and we got a call out to go and help her. We got the doctor out, she has an infection, and it was decided to take her to Sister in Law's. We managed between us and our son and Daughter in Law to get her into our car using a wheelchair to get her out, and down to Sister in Laws but she fell out of bed in the night and was hospitalised. So we have had a lot of visiting, sorting stuff etc. MIL is totally on a different planet right now, hopefully that is the infection or the drugs! 

To go desk hopping head over to The Stamping Ground now.


  1. So sorry to read about cooker problems and of course M.I.L. I hope she recovers quickly. Sorry I'm late with my visit. Have tried to visit everyone but have also been away and poorly.Happy New Year Anne x #28

  2. Oh blimey, what a thing to happen with your cooker! But you all came up trumps, so it was a family triumph in the end :-)
    Happy New Year, may it be full of happy crafting!
    Hugs, LLJ 14 xx

  3. . Your cooker went out at worst possible time. Glad it's back up and working. Sorry to hear about your MIL.I hope she feels better soon. Thanks for stopping by. #37 (sorry, I won't be able to swap hubbies) LOL

    1. Thanks Regina, the cooker is not yet working - the engineer didn't have the part! It will be next Wednesday when it is finally fixed.

      Shame about the swap lol.

  4. Thanks for your visit. :) Sorry to hear of the unhappy events of the last while. Hopefully the seas will be calmer in the days to come. I hope we all enjoy good health, good times and happy crafting ahead. Best to you.
    Nann #62

  5. Hi Cazzy, thanks for visiting. Sorry to hear about your cooker and all the woe's with your MIL. Hope it's all up from here on:)
    Sandra de

  6. So sorry to hear about all your troubles over the past couple of week. Hope your Mother-in-Law is a little better. I found both with my mother and mother-in-law that they would cut down on drinking to avoid the effort of getting up to go to the loo, so they were both constantly getting infections which also caused them to become very confused. I hope you can get it sorted out. By the way, you might be right about the weetabix going mouldy. Hope 2015 is a little better for you. xx Maggie

  7. Cor Cazzy....you had a bit of a rough ride over Christmas. You and I have two things in common...err messyish desk and MIL in hospital!! Hope yours is getting better. Ours got taken in when we were across the pond on our 25th Anniversary! Still in....she got taken in on 30 September so hope yours isn't in so long!
    Hugs and thanks for visiting.
    PS we went to Longleat last year in the summer...took us nearly 3 hours to go round and two cars overheated in front of us which didn't help!!

  8. ack about the cooker, but it sounds like cool heads prevailed. Fingers crossed it is restored soon. And that your MIL is feeling better soon also. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier in the week. The silver and gold box opens so the tealight can be removed and the battery easily replaced. The other box requires the tissue tape be removed so the box can be opened (there's a hole in the bottom of it for the on/off switch).


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