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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

WOYWW #293

Sorry about this, to those of a sensitive dispostion - but the craft room clear out part two has commenced, and it sometimes has to get worse before it gets better (doesn't it?)!
I was clearing out my offcuts box and putting a load in a bag for the neighbour who is a teacher at the school down the road. It used to be for her children to use, but it somehow ended up going down to the school for the kids art box. I still had bits on my desk as you can see.
I have also managed to sort out a few things to sell on ebay, and got up to 19 out of my 20 free listings, however I listed an alphabet die set and the matching number set seperately, after taking photos and cutting a few samples to show and I was sitting eating lunch a couple of days later playing round with the letters that had fallen on the floor and decided I liked them and maybe shouldn't sell it, so had to apologise to the bidders and withdraw it. Oh dear, I don't normally do that!
I have also listed the film camera and lenses, seems a shame but we haven't used it for many years. I used to take black and white photos and develop them myself in my teens after a friend of mine picked up a couple of university students one summer and they taught me all about photography, as a result my first camera was a Russian Zenith E, the one I am selling is an Olympus which replaced the Zenith after it got sand in the works.

The floor looks better after I managed to put some stuff away. I found a bag of those hand made sort of papers on a shelf, didn't even know I still had it so that is going (I hope). I also found a goodie bag bag full of pages out of card making magazines, where I ditched the mags long ago. I have never looked at the bag since, so after a quick look I recycled that. 

This is Shaun's toy really, but he lost interest in it and it is great for vacuuming the floor in here and collecting bits that I can sieve through for any missing "valuable" bits! Didn't find any today.

This is my new toy, bought with my Christmas money. I read up about The Cinch and decided it sounded better than the Bind it All, not tried it yet and the Bind it All is - going!
The desk has slightly less clutter, I put the card away mostly. On the right of my new toy are two tubs, no three tubs - full of bits, those bits I collect as I work and put in them for later use and odd bits that I buy, and jewellery that needs mending - needs sorting out. I find the tubs of bits grow and I have a few around the place, then I tip the little tubs into bigger tubs and I can fill the little tubs up all over again! 

I won another Kraftin' Kimmie voucher, it didn't cover these two stamp sets and the single but the sale was on so I couldn't resist these two cute sets and the dancers. The pink set peeking out on the left is the one I bought with my last voucher. 
Edited to say: I forgot to mention the glitter glue sticks under the stamps, I seem to have bought two different packs over the years and the silver ones are very long, I think 12" or 30cm, they are different thickesses slightly and I have never put them in or near the Lidl glue gun - well I did look at it today and I don't think these are going to be wide enough, could be wrong as it has different nozzles somewhere! Anyway they are going in the Really Useful glue box not staying on the shelf any more!

Update on Mother in Law - she is still in hospital but they are trying to find her a Step Up bed, in a home so she can have more care before it is decided what happens next. She is much better, I would say 90%, and I don't know if it is the drugs but she was talking normally and knew what was going on until they gave her two tablets and an injection, after which she could see a play going on, and a ship......

Further update: Thanks to Nikki C and Shaz in Oz I have a way forward or two with the Prismacolor pencils, one involving microwaving them! I have also done some googling, and found that the splintering is due to inferior manufacturing, so I don't feel so bad. Now I am lusting after some Polychromos!

Why am I telling you this?  Well it is What's on your Workdesk Wednesday of course, and you can find out more and join in at The Stamping Ground.


  1. Yep, I'm at that stage too, in the middle of the 'worse' phase!! But I don't have a bag of wool under my desk...I've managed to hide that elsewhere!
    I chuckle at the little pots that get transferred to big pots....i used to do this and then after some more months, the big pot contents ended up in the bin because I didn't have to will to sort and home such little bits....let my slovenliness be a lesson!!..

  2. Cleaning and organizing is always a crafter's nightmare. What to keep, what to sell, what just needs thrown away???
    Thanks for sharing
    Krisha #8 Happy WOYWW!!

  3. Yes, it DOES get worse before it gets better! Hang in there!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #17

  4. Don't give up, you will finally make it! You also have that small Dyson, I love that tool, very useful!
    Gabriele 32

  5. Well done you on your tidy project - I have been trying too but being a natural hoarder it can be a painful parting ! I have to be in a ruthless mood ! Ali #20

  6. I always stumble across something I end up loving after a clear out, I hope you do too.

  7. So many crafters seem to be trying to do the same thing. I just find it so hard to let go of things which just might be useful at some time Lol! but there comes a stage when you have to use them up or let them go. Happy WOYWW, Angela x 33


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