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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sorted? I don't think so!

Fe hoped Mr Cazzy had sorted my washing machine problem, I thought he had - he said he had.

So I put the washing on, left it, thought it was going a long time but didn't take too much notice and didn't check it when I went to bed.

This morning Mr Cazzy said "the washing machine is still on", took a look and it was still on main wash. Fearing something else had gone wrong, and not looking at the coin trap I got it to rinse and spin and got that lot of washing out. Then noticed there was even more water on the floor, and everything was very soggy. Looked at the coin trap and saw Mr Cazzy didn't have a clue and had it on wrong still.

I tried again, got him to try again, rang Dyson (they are great by the way and there every day, other companies take note - this is great customer service). The lady I spoke to advised me how to do it, and to use washing up liquid if it was a bit hard to turn, so Mr Cazzy did but got it everywhere so now the thing is too slippery to turn and I ended up rinsing it off.

Was imagining an engineer visit where the engineer would come in and easily do this silly task causing much embarassment all round by wimpy Cazzy and Mr Cazzy, but I asked my son if he could have a go and while I was in the shower he managed it - hooray but by then I had realised that the first load hadn't actually washed properly so would have to be done again, and then all the soggy stuff.

Then realised that Mr Cazzy had taken the dirty sheet pile as being clean and put it back on the bed, so he had to strip the bed again. He did manage to save a bit of face by getting the washing line to stay up, it is faulty and won't stay up on the first two notches, I can't get it any higher. So at least the washing is on the line. Now where is the invoice for the line? It has a 5 year warranty, surely we haven't had it 5 years, maybe Lakeland will have it on record.

We had planned to go out today, but I said no chance with all this soggy washing to sort out, and the water had seeped under the wall and soaked the hall carpet, and I have just used the carpet shampooer to suck up nearly a full tank of dirty water - I am imagining all sorts of damage to the adjoining laminate floor in my craft room now.


  1. Oh Cazzy, what a nightmare! Washing machines always seem to hold a lake full of water when they leak, don't they! Hope you get it all sorted soon. Hugs, Nicki.

  2. Oh Cazzy! You aren't having much luck there are you?! Hope your weekend gets better. On the plus side, at least you aren't full of cold and feel like your head is stuffed full of cotton wool! :-)

    Hope you manage to get all your washing sorted.

    Fe x


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