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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Tidying up, clearing out

I haven't posted the blog candy yet as I am sure you have noticed, and not a lot else but I wasn't well for a couple of days and just couldn't and before that I was totally wrapped up in some geneology and a wonderful but sad story written by Mr Cazzy's gran when she was 80, she is long dead but we only recently got all these precious papers when her last surviving child died, Aunty M and we have helped with the house clearance and picking over the possessions - isn't that awful? I used to find it really awful but now I am older it doesn't bother me quite as much.

Tonight I am full of beans, and trying to clear the craft mag mountain - note to me: must cancel some of the subs, I really don't use all these mags or even read them all properly!

Tomorrow - who knows, I could be suffering for this burst of energy, or maybe it will continue and let me do all that I need and maybe some crafting too and finish unfinished cards, make needed birthday cards for next week, and a new home card for the week after.

I bought myself that Bind it All, not the Ebay one but a new one that I got for less than the Ebay one with a discount code in one of my magazines - so sometimes they come in useful!


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better today honey & don't envy you the mag pile... been there & now what I do is cut out the bits I want to keep & store them in a polly pocket... then the mag can be recycled.

    Big hugs
    Lorraine xxx

  2. Hope you're feeling ok! Just popped in to wish you well with your 'new look' If you pop over to
    Spyder’s Corner
    I'm awarding all my followers a blog Award for all their kind comments and support this week


  3. good luck with the mag de-stash :)
    hope to see you on the new forum soon :) http://quirkycrafts.forumotion.net/forum.htm



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