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Saturday, 9 May 2009


Oh all right, big puddle then!

How did this occur you may ask - well it is like this:

Got up late, the menfolk had gone hunting and gathering early to South Wales so I went back to sleep. Got up, had breakfast, got online to see if won BIA (see below) didn't win BIA, chatted to other son on MSN, then thought I better get showered and dressed by which time it was midday.

Dragged the washing basket down to begin washing, filled the washing machine but then decided I wanted to empty the coin trap first.

The reason? When in Torquay a couple of weeks or so ago I bought a swimming costume with a detachable strap. Hadn't swum for years and my old cossie was at home and probably a wee bit too small. So treated myself to stylish tummy flattening one that I liked. I used it once in the hotel swimming pool, got home and the strap was missing! I rang the hotel - twice. They didn't have it. Searched the car 4 times, nothing. Searched all the bags, in the legs of trousers washed etc, nothing.

So off to M&S to enquire if I could get a replacement strap for my now useless £25 cossie, asked on lingerie, they said we have bra staps that might do but they aren't waterproof, go ask on fashion they are bound to have some that have become separated from cossies.

Asked the girl on fashion, no we don't have any you would be better asking lingerie! Explained I had, and asked if I could order a spare strap. Girl said we can only order what we sell and we don't sell spare straps, try a sports shop.

So back to lingerie where they found me some fetching clear plastic straps that might do and gave them to me free.

The point of this story is that I then became convinced I DID have the strap when we got home and had put it in the washing machine which must have eaten it, and the coin trap door was looking suspiciously black.

Now I went off to the kitchen to get a screwdriver to open the coin trap, got distracted and started brushing the floor, then decided I should eat something so cooked so rice pasta. Did I get the screwdriver, no ended up on computer again, then back to kitchen, but an hour later I got the screwdrivers and began trying to get the coin trap door off.

My washing machine is a Dyson, and is brilliant but the coin trap is not easy to get off, and I lost the special tool long ago but Dyson told me a spoon handle would do - having tried that before and ending up with bent spoons I went for the screwdriver option. First you have to get the little centre bit to come out so the water inside drains off slowly, did that. Then you have to somehow lift a catch that allows the door to be unscrewed and that proved to be very difficult. Finally I got the door off and I found:

  • One large black button
  • One part of a black cable clip
  • Two pound coins
  • Some yukky grey stuff
  • A waterproof plaster
So still no strap, and after getting the door back on and starting the machine I went to make a cup of peppermint tea. Something told me to check the machine and the floor is soaking, and all the dirty clothes, and the machine is flashing up a warning message about a problem with the water coming in! I don't think I have screwed the coin trap door back on enough but I can't budge it any more so will have to wait for a strong man to arrive home! Also if I ever get the washing done my rotary line won't stay up so I have to hang it in the conservatory!

BIA story. I made an offer on a slightly used BIA, which was being listed on Ebay for the second time, seller made a counter offer which I really should have accepted but sadly when I went to do so it had expired, so stupidly I put in another best offer for £2 less than the seller's offer, but £6 more than my original and heard nothing, then the item expired unsold.
I expected the seller to contact me and offer again, as I had sent a message, but nothing.
Next thing I know the seller relisted at 99p and straight away had offers going up to £51. I thought it ended yesterday and put in an offer £2 higher than the offer the seller made to me, having worked out it was well worth it but I just missed the end, and got outbid by £2.
I am not that bothered as I know I can get all of it brand new for £10 more than I offered with postage, and if it went for £2 more than than I would have had to offer more again, so apart from the wire cutters which I don't need I can get the BIA, bag, bar, three sets or 4 of wires all for £81 with free postage, which I may well do!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your flood Cazzy. Hope you managed to get it sorted.

    Fe x


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