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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Jewish Chicken soup to cure everything!

My problems started when we went for a family meal out last weekend, and I ended up with what I suspect is food poisoning from the Tuna, though enviromental health couldn't find anything to collaborate that as nobody else had reported being ill. It has affected me all week in that anything I ate seemed to upset me afterwards, so I decided to make Jewish Chicken Soup, which is famed for its healing properties and I am certain I read that this has been scientifically proved.

I decided I need this to make me feel better. I looked it up and there are a variety of recipes but they start with boiling a chicken with veg for about 3 hours then leaving it to cool overnight to skim off the fat. I wanted it quicker than that and I didn't want to boil the carcass, I tried that once and the result looked yucky so I threw it out!

I started with cooked chicken and some jelly from the bottom of the roasting tin, and the recipes so far that I have found study online have carrots and celery (apart from one that only had carrots) and either: turnip, swede or parsnips depending which site you go to. It also has parsley which I have just about growing in a container so I can do that and the carrots and celery but not the turnip/swede/parsnips. I do have celeriac which has got to be vaguely similar though.

So I went off to make my version of Jewish chicken soup in the pressure cooker to eat that night, and I was feeling hungry thinking about it! affraid

Oh I forgot to say you need to add onions too.

Part 2.

So in 25 mins (how long is 3 hours cooking in pressure cooking terms? I decided 25 mins should be plenty) my soup would be ready, my onions were all growing in the onion bag so were no good apart from one and another tiny one so I added some leeks, have a lot of them and haven't been eating much since Saturday so they want using.
Added Celeriac, the parsley was only 1/2 " or 2.5 cm high so didn't get much of that but found a tiny bit in a jar that was so old it was nearly colourless and added that. I could have added lots of nice fresh basil, or rosemary, sage or thyme, but I didn't think that would be the right flavour.

It was supposed to be two sticks of celery, but the organic celery I bought Saturday morning was looking past its best and I had to lop a lot off so I added 4 sticks! I was looking at the non organic celery that DH bought Sat - he gets cheapest I get organic, he eats cheapest I eat organic!

Seriously Saturday morning was a great time to go shopping in Tesco the size of a small country because there was actually food on the shelves, and being open 24 hours is not a lot of good to me if the fresh food is all gone or no longer being served! The downside is the amount of people with the same idea, pushing and shoving and queuing and I got rammed up the backside by a disabled motorised scooter thing, painful. I know they don't go very fast and I wonder if it was deliberate! I had to stop, the peeps in front of me had stopped but the scooter kept going!

Part 3.

Well whatever it ended up as it is delicious. I did add some rice flour to thicken it, like my soup thicker rather than thinner! Not only that but I really did begin to feel better half way through eating my altered Jewish Chicken soup!

Crafting - I am desperately trying to finish my DT piece for Quirky Crafts forum, which is a bit over ambitious for the time challenged one.

I am also feeling really guilty that all the family, my parents, my sons, their girlfriends and my hubby are all round at my son's new house to which he got the keys Friday, cleaning, stripping wallpaper, clearing the garden and painting, and here am I not yet dressed talking to you, going to change that now and sort out some food for their lunches. Oh and try and finish my DT project which will appear on Quirky Crafts this evening.


  1. Sounds good to me and Chicken soup is the cure all. It comforts and has that something extra that really does make you feel better.
    I make chicken soup a lot using the carcass and lots of yummy veg. I also make a turkey or chicken pie that DH loves.
    Hope all went well with the lunches.

  2. Oh Carol! ........ that sounds familiar, song springs into mind!!! LOL

    You are so funny....... so pleased the soup turned out OK but your following the recipe so carefully and to the letter (Ho Hum, did you?) had me laughing!!! Brought to mind my sister's 'I've got one just the same only it's got a round neck, short sleeves, a bit longer and a different colour!' ..... 'but its exactly the same.... ' LOL

    Do hope it worked though and that you're feeling much better. LOL

    Love Dee X QC's


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