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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

We're all going on a Summer Holiday, fun and laughter for a day or two

Well not quite Cliff Richard, but the two of us are off to Torquay tomorrow, got dog/house sitter son sorted, not packed, panicking about packing.......eeeek I have a headache and don't feel good.

It was only thought about Tuesday and booked yesterday, I messed up at work as I thought I needed to be there in the morning but have found it is the afternoon so may have to leave late - not sure yet, I am grouchy, DH is building a mountain to take in my little car so I can drive when he has a drink!

I have made a batch of very quick cards with some embellishments I wanted to use up, haven't used many yet but I will take a photo some time soon. That reminds me I will have to pack camera, battery recharger, new lens, tripod, crafty stuff? Book, mags? Will I have time to read??

I ordered a modular bag for the new lens so it doesn't get damaged only to find it doesn't really go with my old same make bag, a filter that is the wrong size and a cleaning kit, then I signed up for a subscription to a photo mag that is giving away a great camera rucksack worth £70 so I won't need the modular thing if it is as good as it looks! It won't arrive in time now, and I can't get the filter in time. Haven't cleared my memory card either, oh dear!

I am washing clothes, need them to take. Got to sort out more packing now!

I see I am coming up to 6000 visitors so will organise some more blog candy soon!

I know I will forget to take something, probably something important, I always do!

Back soon.


  1. I don't know if you will read this in time - but have a fabulous time down here and give me a wave as you pass :oP

    Weather is just BEAUTIFUL today!

    Jules x

  2. Have a great holiday!


  3. Hi Cazzy - thakns for stopping by my blog. The blog candy was drawn on 21st july and the winner was ultramum - I had edited the original post to show this but perhaps you missed it. You have a fab blog here by the way :)

  4. Look forward to hearing about your holiday when back! x


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