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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Now where has that gone?

Do you ever lose your stash right in front of your eyes? I lost my MM grommet set (which I find too heavy to use so far), found it after weeks of looking on the shelf - I am sure I looked on the shelves before. Now it is back in the drawer.

Sunday evening I lost my Karen Foster eyelet setter which I knew was on my workbench the day before, but I looked everywhere on the bench and floor and the shelves - nothing. Never mind I used the Cropadile (which I think I would have a job to lose but time will tell)to finish the inchie card, .

Yesterday I found the eyelet setter exactly where I thought it was the previous day - weird!

I got quite excited yesterday when I realise I had a scallop blade for my rotary trimmer which I had forgotten about and is just what I want to do, so happily tried it out last night on some stamped images. I want to cut a straight sided mat to go with them and can I find where I put the blade when I swapped them?
No! The logical thing would be to put it in the little acetate box with all the other blades, not there (today anyway).
So I have checked the bench and the floor and the next thing would be to turn out all the things on the floor it could have fallen into! So annoying!

I do have a spare straight blade but I would really like to keep that until I need to change the existing one when it gets dull.


  1. Hi Cazzy, the blog candy was drawn on saturday, I had to delete the post because 17 people added there names for the draw the day after it finished!

  2. Lol! I'm always loosing stuff - even the stuff that I'm using. I put my fineliner pen down the other day in the middle of a project and when i went to use it again it had vanished.

    The best thing about loosing things is the stuff you find while hunting though! I found a stencil I thought had gone yesterday! hehe


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