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Monday, 7 July 2008

Happy Birthday to ME! (Or not)

What a day, I haven't been well enough to go to work and have slept a lot and woken up disorientated, but I did get some nice presents, a couple of things I wanted and some nice surprise presents, well it was all a surprise as wanting and getting isn't always the same! No craft related presents so far, but I have so much already and I have a present to come yet, I did get money and vouchers to spend too.

I did get a new camera lens so I can shoot those birds! I missed a shot of a Sparrowhawk that had a baby bird in it's claws by the bird feeding station. Nature taking its course, and I wondered if the bird was still around as I haven't seen it for a while.

I hope to feel well enough to play with my new toys, particularly my new lens and my Actifry - way hay I can make 3% fat organic chips (fresh ones not horrid frozen ones) now! I wonder if I can make 3% fat kettle chips?

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