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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Late birthday offerings and some new cards

First some graduation cards using a House Mouse stamp, coloured in by the lovely Vanessa.
Then the Paper Gator that I bought myself which arrived today, looks pretty I think.

I also made some birthday cards with the Hero Arts antique map that is so popular and added some brass charms. I made them very quickly and I thought I had some good paper to use but I can't find it anywhere!

Next here are my only crafty birthday gifts from Vanessa, a lovely antique looking French butterfly stamp set in a neat tin, and another tin of great travel stickers that have a mat finish and are good quality. Thanks V!

I had the two lovely birthday cards shown below (sent as RAKs) both with Tilda on them, the paddling Tilda is from Fiona Haig-Gannon - Fe-Fe, and the Tilda with bird is from Linda, of Linanna blog.

Fe Fe sent me a heap of Tilda images too, thanks very much - you might convert me yet!


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