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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

I found it!

The only thing is I didn't notice the time, went to bed too late then couldn't sleep so have felt wrecked all day!

I had a surprise though - my new Craft Stamper magazine arrived today and I didn't recognise it at first.

It has had a makeover, now you don't get a rubber stamp but you get a polymer stamp and this month is is a strawberry stamp in red polymer!

I loved my old Craft Stamper so this takes a bit of getting used to but there are some good articles, one on alcohol inks use, one to create an antique notebook, and lots more.

I just treated myself to this Creativity Life offer.
Also I have treated myself to the special offer free stamps from Crafts Beautiful, and bought all the other special offers while I was there!

Well it is my birthday next week, so someone has to treat me, even if it is me!

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