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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

One down two to go!

Here is my first stamp swap challenge card on the PCJ forum. I have this stamp in my collection but haven't used it yet!

This is a Dolly Mama stamped image that I got from Dee, thanks Dee! I coloured her with brush markers and a gold gel pen for the buckle, and added some tiny gem earrings.

I went round the edge of the card with pink ink, and mounted it on a stamped polka dot paper panel. The stamps are from a clear set by Heidi Grace. I finished it off with two black eyelets.

The first attempt at making this card, specifically the eyelet setting resulted in my Cropadile Big Bite breaking, the top cube is still jammed onto the ruined card through the eyelet! It is going back, not sure if I will take a replacement or refund at this stage!

Two more to make and there are the cards I made from the spares to post, will wait until the recipients have had a chance to use them first!

Now I saw a sight today on the rail station, I was on the train for a change due to sick car! There were three young girls wearing short shorts, and sleeveless tops with little sandals! I had my coat and scarf on, jumper and boots, and trousers!


  1. Fab card Cazzy, these stamps are fun. :)

    Doesn't sound like you are having much luck with your Big Bite. :(

    Debbie x

  2. looks like a fab card...love the colour combo

  3. Thanks for your comment on my big bite post. I actually had to take mine back. Haven't had a chance to post about it yet, but it was not aligning properly and the eyelets were going in quite obviously crooked. Anyhow my new one is fab! even though I have only had a little play with it.


  4. Thanks for letting me know Sewdelish, I didn't think mine was right from the start but they assured me all of the stock was like mine with a crooked bed. I have been offered a refund or replacement, you have made my mind up to go for replacement.


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