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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Feeling a bit better, new card and dog toy

I am feeling a bit better after my fall and have decided my boot isn't too bad and once polished it will probably not really show. It is possible that the very soft leather will go into a hole there sooner than it would have done. Thank you to all of you who have expressed concern or good wishes. I do have a painful knee but I have had problems with it before so banging it heavily doesn't really help!

Here is a stamped image using one of the new Hero Arts stamps on vellum (well actually tracing paper) coloured with brush markers, attached with eyelets to pearlescent pink card, mounted on a grey card and with matching funky fibres. I stamped Happy Birthday with some green embossing powder but it didn't stamp well.

I am going to enter it in a challenge for a no ink pad card on Crafts By Carolyn forum, I hope I will be forgiven for the Happy Birthday digression!

Today I went to Sainsburys to take back some clothes, and buy some food. I spotted a dog toy that I bought for Alfie. It is a chatter ball and it chats away in a number of different duck voices, deep then babyish, and it says a lot of things and blows raspberries, and barks. It says, you got me now, and come on puppy or something like that.

It has been driving Alfie mad, he wants to kill it but it is hard plastic, so he has taken to barking at it for ages - I was upstairs and I thought we had a burglar with all the noise he was making! He will run after it if you kick it round the room, but he was taking his frustration out on his bed and chewing that!

Some more stamps arrived, but don't worry I am not adding them to the ones for the blog candy competition - that wouldn't be fair!

I will keep them out until afterwards but I have a feeling I need more Tuff boxes........


  1. Oh hunny, so sorry to read about your fall (((hugs))).

    The doggy toy sounds excellent, I shall have to look out for one for Kira :o)

  2. Sorry to read about your fall Cazzy, hope you aren't too bruised and battered.....

    Just love this stamp and what you've done with it. Very effective.

    Dee X PCJ's


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