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Monday, 14 April 2008

Oh what a day!

I planned to go to work at 8:45 to miss the worse traffic, and before that go to Lidls the other side of town for something, get chocolate in Asda or Tesco, and pop in the doctors to make an appointment.
However - my hubby dusted the alarm clock yesterday, and accidently set the early alarm. I didn't notice as I had a pair of knickers over the clock so it didn't keep me awake so up I got, got ready, couldn't understand why himself wasn't moving!

Finally realised I was up half an hour early so I didn't know what to do, thought maybe the traffic is less at this time so se off for work but popped into the garage to get the chocolate, got to have it!

Someone came in the out way and pinched the space I was aiming at so I parked where I thought the car wouldn't be in the way, got out and tripped over a manhole cover flat on my face! So I ended up in tears, buying chocolate and telling the cashier who got someone to get me a chair and fill out a form while they got me water and wet tissues for my knee.

Bet they had a good laugh at the video later on!

Now I realise my boots are damaged, and they were nearly new and my best boots. I am going to be covered in bruises, and my knee is grazed.

Yes I did get to Lidls this evening and got what I wanted, but I wished I had stuck to the plan in the morning!


  1. Hope you are feeling better now. Did the chocolate help take your mind of it

  2. Thanks Anon, I needed the chocolate for the shock right afterwards, they offered coffee or tea but I don't drink it!

    In fact needed more chocolate later and more rubber stamps!

  3. lol oh cazzy, i did chuckle just at fact that it was due to been up half hour early - i thought stuff like that only happened to me! lol hope you recover soon xx hugs

  4. Hope you are feeling better . Sorry about your boots =. Its the sort of thing I always do damage my fairly new favorite item of clothing. Whats wrong with your boots could a cobbler fix them

    Anyway as you said you would probably forget I have nipped in to remind yopu that the comp starts today.
    So you can start linking any craft item you have made using at least 1dovecraft product and good luck


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