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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Blog Candy Winner - reveal day!

You may remember that to win blog candy I asked you to guess how many wood backed stamps I had in the 17 A4 Tuff boxes after I sorted them out. I have bought more stamps since that day but they have not been added to the boxes. These photos were taken at the time I published the blog candy guessing game.
I have counted the stamps in each box, see below. The total number of stamps is ......257
I had a long list of guesses on the blog and one sent by private message.

I had 25 guesses varying from 68 to 426, although 2 were discounted as there was a second guess but neither of those guesses won and the first ones wouldn't have been correct either! There is one clear winner who got the closest and it is Nicola with 253! Well done Nicola.

I will put a note on Nicola's blog and see what sort of stash she would like then I will post the photo of the final prize on here.

Also looking at these photos I think I am going to need more boxes to fit all the new stamps in!

Hearts and love 21

Animals 10 stamps

27 sentiments, borders and corners (acrylic one not counted as I said wooden backed only)

Dolly Mamas + 1 = 5

Seasonal = 15 stamps

House Mouse and babies = 9 stamps

Oriental = 11 stamps

Christmas 1 = 15 stamps

Birds, fish, insects = 11 stamps

Flowers 1 = 23 stamps

Flowers 2 = 22 stamps

Garden = 23 stamps

Christmas 2 = 18 stamps = the foam ones don't count.

Vintage = 11 Stamps

Birthdays = 10 stamps

Frogs, fairies, and stuff = 15 stamps

Boxes, basket, shadow, map, torn, = 11 (there are 3 in the box)


  1. What a lot of lovely stamps! :)

  2. Wow, that's a lorra lorra stamps!

    Well done Nicola for having the closest guess :o)

  3. OMG I really did get close. I'm so excited. Thankyou. I love your blog. Your stamp collection is awesome. I won't even dare count mine.LOL.



  4. My goodness what a lot of stamps you have. Congratulations Nicola on your winning guess. Well done!

  5. Well done Nicola ... good guess ... enjoy your prize.


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