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Sunday, 30 December 2007

WOW 1000 Visits to my blog!

I have had 1000 visitors to my blog, although it always counts me too when I am checking it or checking new posts!

I haven't done any crafting but I have been tidying my craft room/study! I will have some peace and quiet next week so hopefully will get this finished and make some cards.

In case I don't get to post tomorrow I will wish you all -


Thanks for visiting my blog!

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Christmas Tree

Here is my little Christmas Tree. You can't tell because it was light but it has fibre optics and the built in little stars and star on the top light up and change colour. I really like it but my youngest son in residence would prefer a bigger tree, so we have ordered a half price navy blue tree with nearly 400 little lights that is 6'6" high from John Lewis!

I am already mourning the loss of the little tree (I bought the red cloth this year specially in the sales to go on the table under it), I would have liked to keep both and put one in the dining room but Bah Humbug Hubby won't hear of it! He has given it to my eldest son who now lives in a split level"house" with his girlfriend, but they have so much stuff to take back they can't fit it in when they leave tomorrow.

I suppose it will still be in the family (and he doesn't get the teddy angels), sigh!

Moving on here are the latest stamps from Ebay, these Hero Arts stamps were a bargain from the USA! Just right for Valentine's cards and spring cards!

I have more on the way, I seem to have a stamp obsession at the moment, which is a bit sad as I haven't used most of the ones I already have!

I have also listed a few things on Ebay, well I need to pay for the stamps! Looking round to see what else to part with now!

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone! It is all over now, the Christmas dinner was cooked and eaten and compliments were received, gifts were given and received and I am exhausted!

Here are a few of the last Christmas cards I made, the holly leaves were cut with the Craft Robo from a template provided on UKS.

I cut a bigger version to use for present tags. The card edging was punched using a Kreaxions 5 way punch, the under flap was lined with ribbon and dotted with 3d red paint to show through the punched berries. The greeting is on acetate and is from a book called Cardmaker's Christmas - clear and frosted overlays by Hot off the Press which I bought from the USA.

These angel charm cards are made with toppers by Papermania (to the rescue of this last minute card maker again) and Papermania card blanks, and layered onto vellum, with a foil greeting on each from Lakeland.

The glitter tree cards were made with a Papermania embellishment pack which had a couple of glitter tree tags and all the bits to make several more as well as the greeting strips and other bits and bobs. I used a red foil Lakeland greeting on the gold one as it went with the tree colours so well. The card blanks are also Papermania.

I am off to see Mamma Mia tomorrow, this is one of my presents and we have a box booked! I also have my donkey adopted again for the year, a weekend in Exeter to visit both him and the craft show, a pashmina, money, a CD, a DVD, a Chinese tea set, two ornaments, a bird feeding station and a squirrel feeder!

Well after several late nights at parties or up making last minute cards or wrapping presents I am shattered and off to bed now to get some much needed sleep!

Friday, 21 December 2007

Desperately making quick Christmas Cards

I found these lovely Papermania toppers in my Christmas stash, I think they were in either a goodie bag or a package of goodies I was sent.

I think I have overdone the glitter glue blobs on the second card, and somewhat ruined it and the other two!

I have more toppers and a Papermania embellishment kit that has cute little glitter trees to make up into tags which should be quick to do. I also have some Tesco kit cards left, and one more kit with most bits missing to complete.

I need enough cards for all the people at my parent's party tomorrow, and then the party we are going to Sunday, I then have the neighbours (9 houses) to do and any remaining people on the list. I print my list onto labels for the envelopes to save writing, and I just have to use all the labels and hope I didn't miss anyone!
I have written some bought cards too to help out as I needed at least 30 more and have only made about 10 so far.

I also need a present wrapped for my youngest neice, her older sister and brother will probably just get money but the little one likes card making and anything making, and I gave her the tote for her birthday.
So as I was in Bath after my office do I popped into Lakeland and bought some things but I know I picked up a pack of peel off stickers that was in the sale and a pack of other stickers in bright colours that I didn't have and hadn't paid for when I got home so I think the cashier missed it. I can't go back just for those, and I am not paying £5 delivery to get them here for Christmas even if they are on the website so I need to go out and get some locally but it won't be so many for the price!

I also have an ironing mountain I am about to tackle, there are so many things to do I keep starting on something else and not finishing anything! Panic time!
I am supposed to be printing off some photos also for presents, and I need to buy a frame!

Roll on the New Year, and I am getting a cold just in time for the parties!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Commissioned cards

My husband commissioned me to make two cards for his friend's daughters (only I don't think I am getting paid for them).
The brief was that one child liked pink, princesses, Barbie but not dolls, and the older child likes High School Rap (is that High School Musical I wonder?), mauve and purple.

I don't know if they will like what I made, I went with the colours really, pinked up a Lili of the Valley Christmas fairy, and the other one is very purple and sparkly!

I had a phone call from hubby just after he got to work, the one with Libby on should have been Livi - he got it wrong, so could I leave out a v and an i? I said I would have to colour them in but I left them for him and I don't know if he got them on straight! Also if anybody has these letter peel offs you will notice that the L is actually an H, but I thought it looked like a capital L until I realised the whole set was lower case! The proper L is in Alice but I hope they won't realise!

I had to write out some cards to post, I thought it was the last day for posting today but someone at work thought it was yesterday - well they will get there in the end!

I have used my entire stock of hand made cards apart from the three challenge ones that I wanted to go to special people. I need another 30 at least so I will have to either get making some quick cards or I will have to buy some!

It is even colder today I think! I went to the office Christmas lunch today, that was nice but there was not enough for me to feel full - then I have a difficult diet due to intolerances. I did a bit of shopping then came home and I popped into Lakeland and bought some crafty bits, some were for my neice for Christmas, but when I got home I didn't have the pack of peel off stickers or the other stickers I picked up! I wasn't charged but now I only have half of what I wanted and I am not going all the way back before Christmas, paying a couple of pounds parking on top and struggling through the Christmas crowds so I will have to get something else locally. I think the cashier must have missed them in the bottom of the basket sadly!

Saturday, 15 December 2007


It is so cold! I have cleaned out the bird feeders and refilled them, the rain made them jam up and I don't think the seed mix I bought is very good for wet weather as it has ground peanuts in it so is like a powder that quickly turns to paste! I often have to unjam it. The whole peanuts went all rotten too, so I had to scrape them out take the thing to bits and scrub it.

I hope it doesn't rain again soon after all that!

I have made a few more kit cards and I may post a photo of them but they are much the same as the blue one with an angel already posted (mine are better I think) but I haven't done the thread and beads down the sides yet.

I got my work list up to date ready - I print of card labels as I hate writing them out. I need to get my friends and family list up to date now.

I also need to make the two cards my husband commissioned, I have some backing paper for the pink one and my Simply Cards and Papercraft magazine came today with some free papers some of which are purple - perfect!

I also had a surprise Christmas present, it was from www.lovethoseshoes.com where I spend a lot of money on footwear. It arrived in a padded envelope and inside was something wrapped in Christmas paper. I wasn't expecting anything and not thinking that they would send a present so it must be an advertising gimmick and would contain a catalogue, I opened it! It is a book called Inspiring Women, how real women succeed in business! I wish I had kept it to go under the tree now (not that we have the decorations up yet due to my husband being a Bah Humbug sort of chap)!

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Card kits continued

This is the next card kit which is more upmarket than the Tesco ones! You get one completed card which is the second from the right here, and you get 4 more card blanks, and enough gold card, material, frames, gems and thread to make the 4 remaining frames, and 4 greetings. You also get gold thread and beads for the trim but not enough thread to do it how they did it on the sample card.
This kit was missing two angel charms sadly, so I managed to find a different angel and a brass horn to take the place of the missing charms! You can't look a gift horse in the mouth!

I feel like using kits is cheating but then I don't have time to worry!

Two more kits I haven't started yet have a sample card that looks like this:

The angel card kit on the right does have all of the angels to make the other four cards, the one with the squares and gems has everything missing except the gems, but I can manage the squares!

As these were given to me in a big box of stuff to say thanks for being a moderator (but we don't need you now) on the Crafts Beautiful site, I am more than happy with all that I got!

Oh and I just found another 6 card blanks in the Tesco plain variety that I missed so I have a few more of them to make and don't have as much left over as I thought! Seemed a bit strange at the time.

My husband has given me a card order for two Christmas cards he is to give to a friend's daughters, I have been told one is into pink, princesses and Barbie but not dolls, and one is into High School Rap and mauve or purple. I don't do Disney type stuff, but I can do pink, and I have no idea what High School Rap might be ( must be my age)! Anyway these are Christmas cards, not birthday cards, and I have enough to do without going out of my way to make special orders!

Grumble over I will see what I can do, but it will probably just be Christmas cards one in pink and one purple themed!

Monday, 3 December 2007

Christmas card progress

I have made up all the plain kits so have about 30 cards made now, which is 30 more than I had last week! A couple of the patterned kits to go then I can start on the other kits I have round the place!

I went out for a walk but on the path lunchtime, it is getting a bit too muddy to do the walk on the grass! I saw two plump squirrels eating on the grass and got really close before one spotted me and ran up a tree, jumping across to a second tree! The other one didn't spot me at all and I stood watching it sitting upright eating, but when I moved it suddenly realised I was there and ran up a different tree!

I had to report my fall last week in the accident book today, even though there was nothing that caused it, only me! I still have the bruises though!

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Christmas card kits

After Christmas last year I bought a pile of card kits from Tesco, which were reduced from nearly £3 to 50p I think.

They were supposed to be make your own charity cards, but only 20p goes to charity - I hope it still did despite the reduction!

This is what you got in the plainer of the two kits I bought: 6 small square card blanks, six white envelopes, six small squares of vellum and six of gold card, six bows, a length of blue ribbon, numerous sequins and beads, a length of narrow ivory ribbon (not mentioned in the instructions, neither are the seed beads mentioned), a template for cutting three shapes and an instruction sheet. No glue or sticky stuff, and it definately requires some knowledge of card making to know how to "fix to the centre of your card" and "fix to the centre of your white card".

I decided to get the die cutter out and found some dies to make similar shapes to the template, in fact I can get two from one square with the tree if not the stocking, as I end up with a shaped frame, see photo of the first 4 cards I made.

I then decided as I have 5 boxes of the kit featured below that I could make a box of the same shape, and this would be quicker so I set to work making baubles first, pictured below!

I want to use the kits to get them out of the way, then I have other kits to use that I bought or won last year, and a copy of the Christmas Lets Make Cards to use, before I get onto proper stamped cards! I will probably have to make "proper" cards in January ready for next year - I jokingly said I would last January but here I am with 24 days to the day, and less than that to get them all done and out to family and friends. Last year I was still making and delivering on Christmas Eve!