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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Commissioned cards

My husband commissioned me to make two cards for his friend's daughters (only I don't think I am getting paid for them).
The brief was that one child liked pink, princesses, Barbie but not dolls, and the older child likes High School Rap (is that High School Musical I wonder?), mauve and purple.

I don't know if they will like what I made, I went with the colours really, pinked up a Lili of the Valley Christmas fairy, and the other one is very purple and sparkly!

I had a phone call from hubby just after he got to work, the one with Libby on should have been Livi - he got it wrong, so could I leave out a v and an i? I said I would have to colour them in but I left them for him and I don't know if he got them on straight! Also if anybody has these letter peel offs you will notice that the L is actually an H, but I thought it looked like a capital L until I realised the whole set was lower case! The proper L is in Alice but I hope they won't realise!

I had to write out some cards to post, I thought it was the last day for posting today but someone at work thought it was yesterday - well they will get there in the end!

I have used my entire stock of hand made cards apart from the three challenge ones that I wanted to go to special people. I need another 30 at least so I will have to either get making some quick cards or I will have to buy some!

It is even colder today I think! I went to the office Christmas lunch today, that was nice but there was not enough for me to feel full - then I have a difficult diet due to intolerances. I did a bit of shopping then came home and I popped into Lakeland and bought some crafty bits, some were for my neice for Christmas, but when I got home I didn't have the pack of peel off stickers or the other stickers I picked up! I wasn't charged but now I only have half of what I wanted and I am not going all the way back before Christmas, paying a couple of pounds parking on top and struggling through the Christmas crowds so I will have to get something else locally. I think the cashier must have missed them in the bottom of the basket sadly!

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