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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

WOYWW #234

I nearly forgot it was Wednesday again, and time to stomp over to Julia's den at The Stamping ground and proudly show your workspaces craft bomb sites , and visit some others (mainly more tidy ones).

Here is attempt number two at a hat for Kenny, from a free pattern I found via Raverly courtesy of  the talented and generous Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me blog, cute I think. This one is in Aran yarn, which I think is what Vanna's Choice is. I had to convert the USA stitches to UK ones, I wonder why they are different? Did the Irish immigrants of the old days get over there and forget what the stitches were called, or remember them but so vaguely they made a few up and changed a few? You can just see a corner of a swan doily that is waiting to be washed, once washed it needs to be pinned out to dry and in this weather not a great idea. I made it many many years ago!

 My first gorgeous model, chocolate ted had a head too big so it was bedtime bear who modelled here!
Sooty also modelled the hat, I think it is deeper than the owl hat that didn't really fit, this looks a much better shape so I am hopeful, it will be on it's way for Kenny to try in a couple of weeks, and if it fits I might make another one or two! The pattern goes right up to adult size, and the eyes were supposed to be buttons but on consulting a colleague who knows from experience, I crocheted some eyeballs again!

For Julia, I bought the box from the fish and chip shop where I saw them, it has never had fish or chips in it, I just liked it! Sort of thought about altering it, but I like it the way it is, at least for now (has been here a couple of years or three).

On the desk, I bought some EZ mount finally, from Paperartsy with a couple of small stamps and my first pot of Treasure Gold, and they sent me a freebie rubber stamp of a double decker bus, how cool and generous, thank you Paperartsy! So anyway, where was I, oh I know - mounting and cutting rubber stamps, but then they need putting away! I should be making Christmas cards!
Now I know I have a few people to return visits to for last week, I got round all the 7's, and a few of those folk who visited me and some favourites, then I got busy working on the Quirky challenge, and now sorting out next year's schedule (or trying to), contacting sponsors and waiting for replies so I can fit them in, and starting off next year's themes so we can get ahead a little for a change.


  1. Cute site I enjoyed visiting


  2. That hat is gorgeous. Don't tell me they don't use paper to wrap fish and chips in England anymore. What's this world coming to??
    Your desk looks fabulous, I love a creative mess.
    Have a great week.
    Von #27

  3. What a cute hat!
    You'll have to let us know how you like the Treasure Gold. I had just heard about that recently on a youtube video. :)

  4. Cazzy, love your hat, but your models are the best! :) Nice to see you this week!
    Sharon #3

  5. That is the cutest little hat. My two girls would have loved one when they were little. Happy WOYWW and Blessings! #33

  6. Sorry can't spot the desk at all - LOL - LOve the hat. BJ#51

  7. There was a desk in there?? Love the cute hats and exciting giant lot of stuff!!Have a great weekend, Ginny #19

  8. I love the hat!! and your desk is looking messier than mine!! I haven't used in last time, just have no time to go and commnet and it doesn't seem fair if you can't commnet, long gone are the days when I could get round everyone!! I'm out all day again tomorrow, so may not joi in...but.... I might!! Maybe I'll tidy up first!?!
    ((Lyn)) #no number coz I'm not there.


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