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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

WOYWW #232

As well as being the day for crafters to share their workspaces for all to visit (thanks to Julia Dunnit at The Stamping Ground), it is Riverford Delivery Day. This was last week, "Sooty!" what are you doing???

"Me, I'm just doing my stretching exercises", ho hum.

This week, Alfie checking out the boxes, Sooty has already checked them out and sauntered off nonchalantly to come back later to see if he can steal anything!
Last night he really outdid himself, I let him out before I went to bed, we went upstairs (he normally takes yet another toy up), and he was behaving oddly, looked really sorry, and I as I undressed for bed I noticed a pile of something black on the carpet, bit of dirty stuff he brought in? He went over to it and was about to pick it up, I told him no! More guilty looks - I took a closer look - IT WAS A DEAD MOUSE!!! So I had to get some tissues, pick it up and go out to the bin dressed for bed, in the frost! I am certain it was dead, didn't see any signs of life. I told Sooty (who is over fond of our bed) he was sleeping in the dog bed, and to my surprise he went straight there and stayed put all of the night, only hopping up onto our bed in the morning!

Here is the desk, much tidier than usual, see I did do a lot of tidying, can't see it yet.....

......then better check out the other end, where I have managed to put the trimmer back out on the table!
On the far side as you can see is my dictionary awaiting another page makeover, and on this end you can see a Bugaboo snowman waiting to leap onto a card. In the middle is work in progress on a card for a challenge, if it works it will suit three challenges - if they are still open.
There is a pile of cards waiting to be bagged or have insides finished, and I still haven't put those stamps away!
On the chair is some sewing waiting to be done, can't find my needles at the moment - where is my pin cushion? Also an apron crying out to be decorated. The floor is now more messy, I am not showing you how bad!  Please excuse my big head shadow!


  1. Hi Cazzy, first, I wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and commenting, so I'm happy to return the favor. Alfie and Sooty are so cute, well, they were cute until the entire dead mouse scenario! I thought only cats were mousers! Too funny. Thanks for sharing that story. And I'm such an OCD person, I really enjoyed how you said you had "tidied up your desk a bit!" But, to each his own space and it's where you work the happiest. Hugs xx

  2. Lovely space! I love the pups and a good mess is always my fave.
    The Craft Donkey

  3. Very busy space, lots of creativity going on. LOVE the dogs!!
    Krisha #4

  4. oh my goodness looks like layers of fun...what will you uncover? Love the dogs.Happy Snooping Carole # 97

  5. Like Carole said. layers of fun!!
    Love those ornament stamps. :)

  6. Hello Miss Cazzy, thanks for stopping by my nest, I have had a good snoop around and your desk is much neater and lots of things in progress, all the goodiesssssss out of they way :O)..It was very nice of Sooty to get that meeces, I chase them down myself.. You make beautiful cards, and you do my favorite challenge, I LOVE your journalling, green and purple are my favorite combo too. it's been lovely visiting, seeing lots of creating a 2 lovely cuties snooping around, hope you have a wonderful creative week, I'll look forward to seeing your bag, I have one waiting to make too, Miss Gio from the craft barn has a great video to decorate one, I'm dyeing to try it.. Oh it's in Italian, but you will understand it, I did...

  7. What characters your dogs are :-)
    Annie x

  8. hahahha.... oh, man.... can I relate....I can hardly see my biiggg table in my crafting space.... and I do need to get at the sewing machine sometime today to stitch up my final pin pillow..and my latest little Christmas stocking ...well, not the final one ever...but, the last of my fabric I am working on at the moment... and it's the only machine stitching on them... maybe I'll just drag the machine out to the kitchen table ... hahah..it's all tidy!

  9. Love your pups!! But how did he get a hold of a mouse? I would love to go through all your table goodies! Wow! :) Very late--#85

  10. looks like work in progress. we all need stuff around us for inspiration and puppies too. happy woyww

  11. Thanks for visiting. Love the furry babies and your desk...I've yet to find my desk which is buried under a mountain of bibs and bobs.... Let's face it, crafting can be very messy. Have a great week and happy crafting...De De #37


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