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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

WOYWW #233

 The Stamping Ground has has a makeover! It looks like Pudsey bear went decorating, it is very bright, and if you go over there you can join in the madness that is WOYWW! You didn't expect to see this did you! We visited my Son and Daughter in Law and little grandson Kenny on Sunday, and stayed over until Monday afternoon. While I was there I made this owl hat from a Let's Get Crafting, knitting and crochet magazine, the yarn came with the mag as well as a hook and knitting needles. To my Son's amazement I had this completed in one evening.
 The toy dog modelled the hat....
...... and Sooty modelled the hat.... Kenny wouldn't keep it on long enough for a photo! It was obvious that this 2 to 5 year old size hat was a bit small on one 18 month old Kenny though! Normally my tension is fine, so what went wrong? There was no tension piece given, the yarn is fairly poor quality, I don't know if going up half or one hook size would do it, or maybe different yarn. I am looking for different patterns now! (Sooty and Alfie had baths before they visited, they needed them!).
Here is the desk, covered in stamping and some interesting looking drawers, and a fish and chip box - that is where my latest Little Claire stamps are until I can find a bigger folder to put them in.

Did you guess what the drawers were? This is on the floor, was on the desk, but I needed to stamp. I love the look of these organisers and when I sold some of my big clothes on ebay I used the money to buy one. I like them plain white, but when it arrived I felt it needed some decoration. I am over painting some of the sections, I started with Fresco paints and they haven't covered well, and I am going over them with Indigo Blu paints, which are covering better unless it all just needs two coats! One panel experimentally stenciled and stamped, I am sort of wishing I hadn't started because it is turning into a long job and I can't use it until I have finished!
Oh and I have a poorly mouse, the computer kind! This wouldn't be a problem, I have a couple of old meeces somewhere, but I now use an air mouse, in the air, and don't leave a space for a mouse mat, besides using a conventional mouse hurts my hands and arms. It is so difficult trying to navigate with the mouse in semi normal mode, and semi not working mode! I remember that years ago when home computers and even work computers came on the scene, there were no meeces! We managed!


  1. Happy WOYWW! Nice hat, and you did that in one evening! I am impressed.Ann 71

  2. Lots of creativity going on at your desk. I never thought to paint my organizer. It is looking very well used these days and I may have to give it a face lift after the holidays.
    Thanks for the idea
    Krisha #4

  3. love your owl how cute..love owls at the moment too

  4. This is looking like a happy and creative time. Love your pictures and your little dog :)
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Your desk looks like a haven for creativity. I applaud your efforts on the organizer...I bet it will look fabulous when you are done. Hope you have a great week ahead.
    Sara j #90

  6. We did manage Caz...but now 'they've' made us dependent on their clever technology..and it's a nuisance to be a half mouse user!!
    Loving the sight of your draws spread all over and waiting...if I were you, I'd slide them quietly into place and forget I ever thought about decorating!! I I can't see the fish and chip box...maybe because it's so posh to get them in a box that I don't recognise it!!

  7. One night! Cute hat! :)
    My projects get out of hand like that when I keep adding just a little more or doing just one more thing--LOL!
    An air mouse?! I have never heard of an air mouse. I will have to goggle that. :)
    WOYWW #77


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