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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Charmed blog candy

Karen at Crafty Goings On is giving away this gorgeous Charmed Delectable pixie stamp which I would love to own, pop over and leave your blog link to be in the draw. You have a week to enter.


  1. Hi Cazzy
    thanks for the message.. i'm glad I put that box there now :)
    No idea why you couldnt leave a message on the blog, i have had others.... were you signed In to Google at the time as that may be why.. good luck with teh blog candy.. just off to vist th eone you have listed.
    hugs rozzy xx

  2. I will let Lexi know and she will add you into the draw... i wonder what is causing it. i havent heard anyone else with the same problem... i hope it rights itself soon
    hugs rozzy xx
    ps thanks for the heads up on the blog candy posts xx


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