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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Big packet of ribbons arrived

Thanks Crafty Ribbons, what a lot I got!  Now I do have a (cough) lot of ribbon, I like to look at it. So I decided I had to have some of the umbrella grossgrain ribbon, and then added cupcake, muddy paws.............. I havejust put an order in.
I also received my EZ mount from Joanna Sheen, with a set of stamps with a train theme, DH is back into his model railway so it will be perfect for his card, and some tassles that were in the sale.

Yesterday was a snow day, didn't try to get to work unlike today, I spent the day sorting my wood mounted stamps into the new Tuff Boxes, I ordered the wrong ones at first and 9 of them, it was entirely my fault but luckily there is a shop in Bath so I could take them back there. Ryman don't sell the A4+ version and as I have over 30 I wanted the last ones to match. So I ordered 6 from Office Dog, thought I had just the right amount, sorted stamps, photographed stamps put them on the shelf ---- then found another box of stamps and wished I had ordered 7 not 6! I got rid of a few older stamps, or put them ready to go, some to my neice next time I see her, some for sale I hope, or to swap or give away.

I am close to taking the "after" video or it might just be photos as I still can't work out the video editing software to get the "before" to the right length for Flickr.

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