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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Wedding butterfly book

Here at last is the book I have been working on to put those butterflies in. It isn't completely finished, there is more I can do on some blank pages but this will give you an idea.

First the covers were made with chipboard packaging which were covered one side with pale green and one side metallic brown, then punched with the Cropadile Big Bite and laced with the thin ribbon, which was the same as that used to hang the butterflies, I used the Bind it all to punch the spine side of all pages and the covers even already assembled which was thick!

You can also see one of the butterfly pocket pages empty and with butterflies tucked into it.

Inside the front cover is the photo of the butterfly tree surrounded by small butterflies followed by the dried roses from the base of the tree, with a chocolate wrapper.

The next page holds the wedding invitation, closed with ribbon, but here are three pictures to show the design.

First without the ribbon, then open so you can see the stamped butterflies.

Finally with the ribbon tied in a bow as they went out.

Here are the roses I dried in my Sunwave that were round the base of the butterfly tree.

Cutting the cake page.

Just before the back cover is the table plan and a shot of the tables with the lovely green bows tied on the chairs, matching the bridesmaid in the picture.

Inside the back cover is the menu from the day, here it is closed and open.

I hope this will provide wonderful memories of the preparation and the day that maybe would otherwise be lost in the other keepsakes and photos.


  1. that looks great cazzy a lot of hard work gone into that! xxx i'm sure they'll love it

  2. Oh my word Cazzy this is absolutely great - what a fabulous way to keep the butterflies, invitation and menus etc. :) You certainly can tell you have put a lot of hard work into it - but it will be cherished always now. :)


  3. Gosh, what a lot of work went into this. A real treasure.



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