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Sunday, 30 August 2009

The new dishwasher is on

and it is so quiet. Thank goodness for that. I don't remember what the first dishwasher was, I know it matched the washing machine, think it was Zanussi. The washing machine gave up, the dishwasher still worked but we had a kitchen makeover and got a stainless steel Maytag to match, bliss, so quiet, big inside, washed well (no dishwasher is perfect), but it kept going wrong and tripping the electricity off. Countless times we had the contracted engineer, he never knew what it was, rang Maytag, tried a few things and off it went again so off he went again! At the end of the 2 year warranty period it went wrong again, so having had enough hubby said get a cheap one. Got the Kenwood, not that cheap but I had heard of the brand. Biggest mistake I ever made in dishwasher terms. It was noisy, can't hear the TV with it on in the next room, didn't wash properly, and it is not nice eating your breakfast then finding the spoon had something stuck to it all the time from the last meal, and as I said before bits fell off so the basket never was in properly. Then it started flashing up error codes, usually when it had finished the cycle.

So this new dishwasher comes with a lot of promises and I hope it lives up to its spec. It is Whirlpool and even the delivery men acknowledged it was a nice one when they unpacked it. It is so attractive you could keep it in the lounge, very space age, no sharp corners, and it remembers where it was if you switch it off to add something, the Kenwood did not, so you had to open the door when it was going and duck!

The new one has steam functionality to get the most stubborn of bits off, and I was in the kitchen with it and I could hardly hear it going at all.

I am looking forward to seeing the results!

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