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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

I don't beleeeive it!

Yesterday I got 4 packages. One was bookends, not very exciting you may say, but I think there are definite possibilities for decorating these and they will keep up my books and stamp boxes.

I got a funny looking mouse which I hope will be better for my wrist problems, but it doesn't seem to be working, maybe after it has charged for a few more hours it will work.

I also got these: 4 Craft Stamper magazines and two binders.

Now I thought I was missing a couple of Craft Stamper Magazine and was so certain I had the one with the owl stamp that I spent a couple of hours looking for it, and I didn't recall having a letter about the subscription - so I rang them and found out I was actually missing all issues since May. Bought all 4 (5? one is to follow but I hope I don't get it twice), paid for direct debit and will get a free gift which I now know is stamps - logical. I also got talked into buying two binders. This is the only craft mag I put in binders and keep, and the last two years I have bought DoCrafts binders which are very cheap and used those, he must have caught me at a weak moment!

Today I had two lovely jars of Prima flowers and a Martha Stewart punch, cornice. These were from The Glitter Pot.

I also ordered my shopping online from Tesco, booked the wrong slot and when I got home (early for me) the shopping was nearly all on the dining room table. After I had signed for it and he had gone I started looking in the bags (should have triggered alarms as I asked for no bags) and I saw asparagus, which looked very nice but I didn't remember ordering it. Thought perhaps I had clicked the wrong thing! Then looked in the next bag, and the next - not my shopping! 5 wrong bags. All the chilled and frozen stuff.

So I rang Tesco, the person I spoke to said they would try and get the driver, and would put me on silent hold for a bit, ages later, 10 or more minutes, I hung up.

I rang back and got Neil who promised to sort it out, ring me back etc. He did ring back, twice. Couldn't get the driver he said. The driver then turned up, he had a missed call so came back and swapped the stuff over.

I really think I should get a voucher for the trouble, I rang again to tell them the driver had been back, got someone who told me they had tried to contact me and got no answer - well it could be when they put me on hold for ages at my expense!

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  1. Enjoy your magazines! Sounds like you had a great mail day!(I found you through the Hero Arts site on the blog addy roll thread.)


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