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Monday, 31 August 2009

Got the new plates

We got some plates from John Lewis that are the same design as our Asda set, slightly different white but who will know except us, but it means we don't have to replace everything. They are smaller so we could end up losing weight!

The average size of plates seems to be 27cm diameter, and yet the dishwasher is not big enough to take that and this is not a cheap dishwasher! We managed to get 24cm plates instead.

Here is the dishwasher, isn't that pretty! Now I also got away with getting a technologically advanced model, himself normally prefers simple things!

We also bought new bath towels, bath mat, bread bin, duvet and suitcase (nice red shiny one for me, 20% off and I had some vouchers so it was only £19, I can hold my head high in Torquay now!). Did want new duvet covers and sheets, and to look at a new sofa for the conservatory to replace the very old battered threadbare one the dogs love so much. The duvet covers in JL were lovely but a bit pricey for the spare room, and we can manage for now. Did see some in M&S that were nice too. But there could be some in Wilkinsons that are much cheaper and just as nice, so we will go and look there first. My back is painful so I didn't want to go trying sofas, I did try one and that was a mistake, so another day.

We spotted some dog proof bins, if they will fit and open under the counter. The dog would have to work out how to do the pedal and get his head in at the same time, if he can reach that high! Sooty dog is on a diet too, Alfie is fine but Sooty will eat anything he can get his teeth on!

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