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Saturday, 8 August 2009

Donkey Sanctuary



We did stop on the way for lunch at the Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth and we dropped off our pennies from the box. All the donkeys were wisely staying inside even my sponsored donkey Timothy, but we saw this adorable mare and foal in a stable peeping out, and when I went back for my camera to snap this little beauty these two came out to see us. The Mare is called Karray and came from a home where they had a stallion donkey, where she was well cared for but there were concerns over the proximity of a main road and donkey escapes. So she was thought to be in foal and the result was Janet Thorne, named after a recently deceased supporter (and fund raiser) of the sanctuary.

Mum was very jealous of the attention given to her baby, even though she could have just as much fuss if she left him alone. We also met two wet Miniature Schnauzers visiting the donkeys. Ours were left at home, we are not sure their behaviour is up to hotel standards!

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  1. Aw Cazzy I love donkeys, I feel for the ones at the beach at mablethorpe, my mum lives near there and i'm certain there the same ones from when i was little !! lol
    I'd love to work at a sanctury :) xxx


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