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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Stuck in a car park - send help now!

I managed to post all my fat pages bar one that I need to send extra stuff with for a swap of crafting items. Some were posted at the Post Office on the basis that the should go quicker, and some were first and some second class stamps which was all I had. I can't reveal photos until they are all received and everyone has received every one! Some people forgot to take photos so I need to take a few more of the ones I receieve too.

There is a machine at the PO to buy stamps but no large stamps, you would think they would available too.

So off to Asda to get some things for lunch, and wonderfully they sell large letter stamps - Tesco don't! Asda also have a post box inside the store, so I posted the last two I had to post, hoping it is a real post box that the PO collect from regularly!

So off home, well so we thought, noooooooo - jam packed solid with cars trying to exit from all directions, loads of spaces though but nobody could get in or out and we think this was all caused by the combinations of the wonderful decision to make two lanes into one permanently and some temporary traffic lights on the little railway bridge round the corner that all traffic has to go over!

So why are they making two lanes into one both sides of the road? I have no idea of the logic but it is in conjunction with a huge new shopping complex (with cinema? not sure), so this adds to the bottleneck misery drivers have to face on a daily basis.

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