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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year's Eve already - what are you doing now?

I wish you all a very Happy 2009. If you are out celebrating or at home celebrating I hope you have a great time!

My boys are both out but we are staying quiet though my Mum nearly sent us as substitutes to a dinner dance they are supposed to be attending, my Dad is quite ill still having had the flu or a virus for two weeks now. Mum is on the village hall committee (a fairly new appointment) and was supposed to be in charge of clearing one table, also she had to make a dessert.

I refused, it was too short notice, not my crowd, don't have anything suitable to wear and couldn't eat the food in any case.

I have been happily sorting out my unmounted stamps this afternoon and evening, a job long overdue.

I am painting the totally naked rubber with Stampendous Ultimate Adhesive, acrylic mounting block adhesive. This is a new product to me fairly recently, and you paint it on let it dry and then cut out your stam,ps if on a sheet.

I have quite a few singles and they are more fiddly to paint, and as I have some sort of membrane on each of my burnt fingers which is supposed to stay put for 7 days (my thumb is on the third one already) and I don't think that getting glue on them is ideal.

At least I can use my fingers without pain today, well most of the time!

So I am stamping images onto a sheet which I am then laminating, added a filing strip and filing, but also stamping another sheet so I can catalogue the UMs in a display folder with built in poly pockets that I bought for the purpose at least a year ago.

I have a folder and a half of UMs already mounted on cling mount which I haven't catalogued yet so this could take some time especially as I also started stamping a few extra of each and heat embossing, and for the catalogue I coloured some of the images on the first sheet - well they are my new Whiff of Joy stamps so how could I not.

I am going to catalogue all the loose stamps first, will get to the already mounted UMs afterwards (could be a long time afterwards).

I still haven't placed an order for my new computer so I am working on my son's old one, which I haven't loaded any photos on. I hope my back up works but the old hard drive should still be acessible as I think the motherboard died.

I made an 8oth birthday card but it was a bit wonky with my heavily bandaged fingers at the time, much better with the membrane if only they will stay on. They are costly. I will show you the card when I can - it isn't the best but is pretty.

The stamp cataloguing, glueing, laminating etc will keep me going at least all evening. Tomorrow we are going out for a meal with the boys and the parents and family of my son's fiancee. Mum and Dad are invited but I am not sure Dad is up to it.


  1. Oh dear Cazzy - sorry to hear about the burns.
    Well you have had a productive afternoon - I just throw mine in bags in a box can't be fussed with anything else!! LOL
    Hope you have a lovely NY and here's to loads more crafting and stamp buying!! Hee Hee! in 2009!!


  2. Happy New Year

    Hope your fingers are healing!


  3. All the Very Best to you Cazzy, hope you have a great 2009 and get loads more goodies!


  4. Hi Cazzy, Happy New year, thanks for entering my blogcandy, even if thats not the punch line its still a really funny joke
    love tasha xx

  5. Hi Cazzy, Happy New year, thanks for entering my blogcandy, even if thats not the punch line its still a really funny joke
    love tasha xx

  6. Oh Cazzy poor you with burnt fingers..hope they are getting better each day. :)
    You sure are getting all your stamps organised - good for you - I could do with doing that too. :)
    Hope your dad is feeling well soon...this flu bug is terrible and I really hope that mine does not last too long..:)


  7. I hope 2009 is a fabulous year for you hunny, and all your dreams come true.

    Much Love xx


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