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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Christmas Cod

I finished all my Christmas Cods - have you?

Now I had to make about 20 for my work colleagues, I saw the stamps and had to have them. I think they are great but I am not sure everyone got it! I think you have to say it in an American accent maybe to get it!

Some of them were stamped in gold and some black, and coloured in different things until I found that mica paints were best. Some have glitter added too.

I have been asked where I got the stamps. They are a half sheet and there are a lot more sentiments, like "fishing you a very merry Christmas", and "I stamped this cod for you" among a few. The stamps are by Victorine Originals and I got them on Ebay from the USA from bjstampstore, you have to go onto ebay USA to see her store though and she doesn't have them at the moment.

Talking about getting it - I am glad you got your PIF Sally and that you liked it. I hope Jenni got hers too.

I have spent all my spare time making the Christmas cods, I only started Sunday night, and have been at it ever since, late nights, not enough sleep - I hope they appreciate it!

All I have to do tonight is write all my cards for posting and find some bits for some crafting buddies, then write all the rest of the cards. Oh and wrap some more presents, and see if I can book Tesco for next week - not much chance I think.

We were to have a Christmas lunchtime party today at work, but it was cancelled due to lack of interest. I do have a Christmas lunch on Friday but it is at 2:30 in the afternoon, and I have another meal in the evening!

My colleagues are talking about dressing up really smart for the meal, I said no chance I am wearing my jeans. Also we have a secret Santa that is something to wear from the neck up that we are to wear at the meal, no names and unisex and you could end up picking your own gift (suits me, I am dreading some of the things I could pick!).


  1. I love the christmas cods they are so funny and love the embossed gold card
    Tasha xx

  2. I love those cards Cazzy where did you get the stamp from. A bit late for this year but they would be fantastic for next year.

  3. Hi Sally, I got the stamps from ebay from the USA, bjstampstore and they are by Victorine I think.

  4. Great cards! Love the embossing and the framing, great golden accents and that image is too funny! Thanks for playing along with our challenge. :)

  5. Hi Cazzy love your christmas cods...lol what fun..love 'em :) :) I am sure everyone will appreciate all the hard work you have put into making them. :) :)

    Take care


  6. Hello Cazzy, thanks for posting on my blog. Sorry to disappoint, but afraid its going to be extremely hot, 35+ out there (LOL). If I ever venture down to cornwall, I'll let you know. Have a lovely christmas.

  7. Great cards or should I say cods lol! Thanks for taking part in the MTTC challenge xx

  8. Brilliant, so funny. Thanks for joining in at MTTC this week :o) Jo x

  9. Cazzyyy!!
    What are you like with your Xmas Cods!!! LOL
    Such a great stamp!!
    Have a great Xmas!!



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