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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Cyril the Squirrel in action

Well here are the photos you have all been waiting for, Cyril the Squirrel gets his nuts in photos!
I took these yesterday, it was frosty all day today but I could have got more photos as there is no stopping him now he has worked it out (or then again this could be a new squirrel, the other having starved to death or been run over).


  1. Squirrels are so cheeky aren't they but they are so fun to watch. I love 'em.

  2. Fabulous, you are so lucky.
    In answer to the Hat pin Cazzy I made it. there is a tutorial on my blog of how to make one.

  3. Cazzy what great photos!
    He is a gorgeous furry one!!


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