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Friday, 5 December 2008

The end is in sight - hurray!

At last I have finished the fat pages for the swap! I have had very little sleep as I have stayed up late for the past few nights trying to finish the pages, and slept badly last night but today with just three to do I left work early and had a nap, then it seemed easier to get on with it. Either that or I have gone past caring and some guys will get the Friday afternoon pages that fall apart!

Very soon I will be able to publish the fat page photos, just as soon as everyone has all the pages, and I am the last I think as I have had all my pages but one with some lovely extras from some of the swappers. I will be adding extras too.

So maybe I can get back to normal after I have packed the pages up and posted them, it will be a relief though it got more enjoyable as it went on.

The end is also in sight for the Pay it Forward. I haven't yet had 12 commentors on the Pay it Forward post, so if you commented on another post you need to comment on the Pay it Forward post only. I will close this on Sunday afternoon regardless, then pick a winner. Have found something nice to send out too.

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