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Friday, 3 October 2008

Alfie the destroyer

You might remember that Alfie dog only likes toys with sound boxes, no squeekers! Also that he got destroying the toy and removing the sound box down to about 20 seconds.

Well this is Alfie's new toy which I made from a section of a leg of a pair of jeans, stuffed with old clean socks, and three sound boxes. One is a dinosaur roaring (well it was a dino toy), one is a Dalek saying "Exterminate" from an Easter egg box, and the other was a turtle saying "cowabunga dude". The last one has faded to a buzz, and the one we can hear constantly is "Exterminate".

The toy is a bit big and heavy and is beginning to look the worse for chewing, but he hasn't got the socks or sound boxed out yet!

Just look at that grin!


  1. Awwwww it looks like your Alfie is having lots of fun with his new toy. Thanks for sharing the cute pics.

  2. Aww Cazzy
    Alfie is adorable!


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