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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

I'm ready, as long as we don't get a load more witches and wizards than last year!

I have actually carved a little pumkin, the first time I remember doing this since I was a child - did I do this as a child? I am not certain.

I downloaded this Craft Robo template for Halloween candy boxes from UK Scrappers, it is copyright and for personal use only not for resale.
I will check the name of the designer and add soon.

I bought halloween candy bags to put inside and have filled them up, all 6 that I made.

I had a lot of trouble finding black card thin enough for the Robo to cut, but eventually after several failed attempts I found this card.

If I get more visitors I have some candy in some of the candy bags, there are a lot in the pack!


  1. These are fab Cazzy, your trick-or-treaters are really lucky.

  2. ~Wow Cazzy these are really great!
    Lucky trick or treaters!!

  3. Wow, those are brilliant :o)

  4. They look like they were shop bought! They really are fantastic. Clever girl.
    Take care & keep smiling

  5. Fantastic boxes Cazzy and a fabulous pumpkin too! I love the photo with the flames!


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