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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Snow writer blues

I decided I needed a new Snow Writer, the one I had seemed to be dried up and not working despite only using it a year ago (since then I have added a bit of water, unbunged it and it is working again).

So I hunted around on Google and found some on Crafter's Companion website for only £1.99 each which seemed to be half price compared to other sites, so I ordered 2 original and 2 new glistening snow writers and some Rock a Blocks.

Two of the snow writers and the blocks arrived with "to follow" against the glistening snow writers. Yesterday I had a phone call from CC, telling me that they checked with the manufacturer and the glistening snow writers have been discontinued so I could have a credit unless there was something else I would like.

I was trying to work out if credit meant money back, as you would expect but I have been given a code and told I can use it on my next order. I asked if I never want to order again from them couldn't I just have my money back? I was told I would have to ring customer services and ask them to do that!

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  1. Internet shopping is different from ordinary shopping. You have a 7 day cooling off period, you can send the goods back and get a refund. They can't withhold your money as they cannot provide you with the goods. But it could be a security measure asking you to contact customer services if you paid by debit or credit card, so i'd give them a call.



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