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Friday, 31 October 2008

It's Halloween!

Here is my very little pumpkin head, which let me down by going out when I did have some little trick or treaters visit, so he has to have his hat at an angle to let the air in. Smell the pumpkin singeing anyone?

You can see how small he is, those are regular size bricks behind him!

The other photo looks very spooky, the camera shook a bit and gave me an interesting light effect.

The last spooky picture is of my messy craft room, the tidy bit! I just added this wonderful cobweb I snapped outside suspended from the light and pergola I wasn't sure it would work reduced but I am happy with it.


  1. Hiya Cazzy
    You're in plenty time!
    I know you've got soooo much stuff and wow it's all organised too!
    I love your pumpkin! and the two fur babies are amazing - lok at them posing for the camera!!!
    Thanks for joining in Cazzy - Good Luck!


  2. I love your pumpkin Cazzy even if he was only little, bless! I can't work out whether my craft room is the messiest or yours. I think it may be a tie! Although yours looks like it's more organized. Lol!

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