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Friday, 24 October 2008

Customer service is dead, well partly!

Not just craft goodies! First my 3 in 1 rice cooker bowl suddenly didn't fit right, it was out of shape. I searched for a replacement bowl, it was £27. The rice cooker is nearly 3 years old and a brand new 4 in 1 model is £50.

I was going to order it online at £50 from John Lewis, but I had an Argos voucher and some Nectar points and though Argos were charging just under £55 for the rice cooker we set off to get one from the nearest branch that was still open, a 30 minute journey.

It was 15 minutes until closing time which is why I guess an assistant rushed over to see if we needed help - I mean that doesn't happen in Argos!

We found the code then ummed and ahhed about getting a new phone too. I should say at this point that although Argos were charging more they were giving £5 back for spending over £50 and £10 if you spent over £100. When we finally got the phone sorted (ours has been playing up for ages and the display had vanished yet again), and got to the miserable woman on the till, she tilled it up and it was a few pence under £100. I said we could buy something little to make it up - no it is too late "I pressed send" she said.

Customer service is dead! If she was helpful she would have suggested we did just that, but no she wasn't going to undo this and let us get our extra £5 voucher.

I did get £35 off in points and vouchers though.

I have been getting stamps, in ones and twos, I have a load on order from the USA that I expect any day now, and I got a job lot of Cuttlebug die sets which I hope I don't pay tax on.

I am debating if I should buy a Making Memories Tag Maker punch set, I have the tag maker set and I hate hand cutting, I thought it would do that when it makes the tag but no - they make a seperate and more costly punch set!

If I get it at around £83 from the USA would I actually use it? I could try and train the Robo to cut my shapes, I tried Spellbinder dies before but it was never quite right.

What would I rather spend £83 on I have to ask myself, new boots, The Slice, clothes....... more Big Shot dies............

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  1. Weeeelll! It would have to be The Slice for me!!!


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